10.0 Collector's Edition Datamined! The Ending of Shadowlands & 9.2 Updates | The Weekly Reset

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World of Warcraft’s next expoansion 10.0 looks like it’s ready to be announced as we find the digital delux edition mount, pet and transmog in dataming! Did someone mention Emerald Drakes? Could this be the Dragon Isles or Emerald dream expansion we are all expecting? PLUS the ending od Shadowlands and the fate of Sylvanas, Tyrande and the Jailer Zovaal PLUS all the latest updates from the 9.2 Eternity’s end PTR including double Legendary reputation grind drama and more! Join Taliesin and Evitel for the Weekly Reset!

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New Shaman Ghost Wolf Forms Available for Testing:

Vessel of Profound Possibilities – Learn and Upgrade All Conduits to 278:

Prototype Jailer Model Found in Patch 9.2 Reveals Zovaal’s Origins:

How Long to Unlock Double Legendaries in Patch 9.2 – Reaching Revered with The Enlightened:

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44 thoughts on “10.0 Collector's Edition Datamined! The Ending of Shadowlands & 9.2 Updates | The Weekly Reset”

  1. oh my goodness you guys are having another baby??? amazing! congratulations! love the both of you, even though i don't really play anymore i love your informative and entertaining videos :3 <3 <3 <3

  2. I kinda feel like you saying "thats what someone says when they are wrong" is just a little bit disingenuous.

    I also kinda feel like blizzard got out of this on a technicality. Sure you dont have to engage with the cypher system to get double legos but blizzard knows damn well that people are going to want that as soon as possible and so everyone is going to feel forced to engage with the cypher system to get the player power quicker. They havent technically "locked" anything behind the system but they've made damn sure you'll feel shit and weaker for longer if you don't engage with it.

    I'm not really that fussed, i was going to do it anyway cuz it's there so why not but i still feel like it's worth raising and I wasn't keen on your dismissal of these points.


  3. for whatever reason, I was hoping the spoiler would be that tyrande turns sylvanas into a mount and we ride her around for the next xpac with the deluxe edition…. oh well

  4. Hold on. What if it's not the Dragon Isles?
    What if… we return to a primordial Azeroth. The Jailer's actions activating some kind of contingency that Eonar laid out with the Emerald Dream, in case Azeroth should face certain annihilation. Where the planet is basically "factory reset" and the Dream became reality.
    The Dragon Isles could be added, just like Cata added new zones, but the focus could be an old world rework. If Shadowlands is the supposed last chapter of current Warcraft, what better way to kick off the next chapter than to start off with a fresh slate.
    Maybe I'm reading too much into the fact that it's not just a dragon mount, but an Emerald one. Makes me think it might be the long awaited Emerald Dream expansion. If it was just the Dragon Isles, you'd think it'd be a red or black dragon. One being most familiar to us, the other being Wrathion's flight.

  5. A note on the 270 or whatever conduits requiring those achieves, as someone who is glad on 2 classes and plays 5 more alts all 2.1+, and having multiple +20s timed and not a single 252 conduit on any character, it would feel great to get maxed conduits for my achievements

  6. Hmm. What WILL Tyrande's judgement be against Sylvie? I would say, since she burned down Teldrassil, maybe Tyrande will sentence Sylvanas to find a seed to replant and regrow it, which may be something requiring her to enter the Emerald Dream. Because… elves, World Trees, emerald dragons, who knows.

  7. I just wanted to say that even though I stopped playing WoW a year ago and have absolutely no interest in going back to it, I still regularly watch your WoW videos just because of how entertaining and likeable you are. Even if I'm not invested in WoW, it is interesting and fun to hear about the updates because of the way you present them. I may be done with WoW but I'll never be done with Tali and Evi!

  8. make it like in legion, just let us upgrade something to be able to use 2 legendaries instead of the daily grind that is boring, repetetive and annoying

  9. Leak sounds enjoyable, so most likely it isn't going to happen. Remember when it was supposed to focus on Azshara and we were going to get player ships and Shadow Hunter class? Then we ended up with Shadowlands…

  10. (Discussion of the spoiler bot stuff below)

    The mount could be an indication that we are going to the Emerald Dream next. It'd be a nice curve ball and I'd actually prefer that. It would allow us to face another one of the cosmic forces, which, since Legion, we have been taking on in sequence (Legion – Fel, BFA – Void, Shadowlands – Death, Emerald Dream – Life). Dragons would kind of disrupt that flow, and I really think that the writing team wants to do the cosmic forces thing. This would also segue into an eventual Light xpac, which is definitely getting closer, and an Arcane xpac where we have to face and/or help the Titans. I think the Dragon Isles coming after all of that would make more sense, since there are dragonflights that represent most of these cosmic forces (Two problems, Green and Red both represent life, and there is no Death aspect, unless the Black flight is Death and not Void. If they ARE Death, then Void is unrepresented). The Dragons would make a better end cap for all of the cosmic forces stuff. Just my two cents.

  11. I havent played wow for almost a year now, but thank you for the updates T&E. Positive, yet realistic. I appreciate the best case scenario type of perspective on the state of the game, while acknowledging its various shortcomings.

  12. Ogmott: prophesies that Sylvanas will manipulate the Horde into killing itself, and laughing whilst she does it.
    Sylvanas: Only Tyrande Whisperwind can judge me.

  13. 5 mths has past and from a far in FFXIV i see WOW and still wonder when the fuck is going to be fun again to play systems systems systems fuck world of microsoft transactions is what it should be call
    I pray i see the day this game gets better again i miss my mounts
    Every fucking time i see a wow video is more of the same shit systems, grind, no lore, not even a desent set to give a fuck about transmog eather
    Worse part is to know they know wtf is going on and they dont give a fuck

  14. Account wide double legendary unlock – yay!
    It's timegated to dayly content – nay!

    Blizzard is like german politics. Waiting until it's almost over to make the right decision that everyone knew years earlier.

  15. As much as I knew the reputation issue would still be there, it irks me that Blizzard still haven't found a way to mitigate the pains for those people who don't want to engage with singleplayer content in their MMO. There are multiple simple, easy-to-implement solutions that would greatly increase the quality of life for raiders and m+ people who want to fill their rep bar, but prefer to play a multiplayer game with their friends. The rep tokens that randomly drop already exist, so why not use them instead of the pity gold you get for raid bosses and m+ end of dungeon drops? The Raid would drop rep for the appropriate patch faction, and the M+ could be randomized for the xpac or drop for a selected faction which the Reputation menu already has the support for.

    I simply don't understand why these simple solutions haven't even been tested or dabbled with, meanwhile large time-consuming per-expansion systems get all the time. If you wanted to try out this system, you could have it on the PTR in practically no time, and remove it in no time, since the tokens are already there, and you just have to swap an item on a loot table.

  16. please tell me you didnt abandon the opening skit ;(
    i was playing on my shaman the other day, and something happened that made me realize how the opening skit always puts me in a good mood, even if the news are bad. i might actually need it in my life.


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