3V3 Educational Fire Mage Commentary [#2] || Rank 1 Mage WoW Shadowlands PvP Arena

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Build (Talents, Trinkets, Soulbinds)
1:31 Kill Target
2:01 Main job as the Mage
2:42 Opener
4:00 Living their go (Evasion + Guardian)
4:13 Getting “Holy Ward” off
4:30 Feral Swap
5:32 Protecting your Healer from Trap
6:33 “Free Sheep” Opportunities
7:26 Kill Window
7:47 Playing around “Roar of Sacrifice”
8:50 Outro


2 thoughts on “3V3 Educational Fire Mage Commentary [#2] || Rank 1 Mage WoW Shadowlands PvP Arena”

  1. Hi, it is a pleasure to watch this kind of videos, thank you!!
    I would like to ask if is still better fire mage instead frost to play RPM. At 1k4-1k6, I only see playing frost in last two weeks

  2. This is honestly the kind of content that led me to subscribing, watching a commentated replay is much more educational than following along on stream


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