4 Ways to Make Gold w/ the NEW Region-Wide AH! Patch 9.2.7 | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide

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This video goes over 4 different ways on how you can take advantage of the new semi-regional AH! Markets and prices are all over the place right now, so this is a perfect time to make some investments, level up from legendaries and find any good flips! Let me know if you have any questions or find any good deals!

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28 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Gold w/ the NEW Region-Wide AH! Patch 9.2.7 | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide”

  1. Idk my TSM seems messed up or something, my pets keep wanting to get posted lower than what I bought them for, even though dbregionmarketavg is higher than what its posting for. Would you be willing to point me in the direction, on what a good operation configuration would be for min, max, and normal?

  2. Did you just start running ads? If so, I support it. Every content creator deserves to be compensated fairly for their time. I don’t mind sponsored videos, ads, and the like. It’s pretty easy for me to skip it and if it means the creator can make more content then that’s a win for me.

    Thanks for the vid!

  3. Well this is all great and I am glad some people can actually use the auction house, but all I get anytime I try to buy anything is "Internal auction error" This regional AH is junk.

  4. For now it seems like two of my markets are completely dead: consumables and glyphs. I'm hoping maybe with time prices on glyphs will stabilize a little and now people are just panic dumping.

  5. Too much math, too much work, too little profit… Most people want to play the actual game not craft and ah whole day long… In few weeks these prices wil lchange drastically, many will stop farming. many will stop playing… But here is like for the effort πŸ˜‰

  6. Well see the pool is much bigger now, I was leveling with arch which normally I dont do because random mats you get on the way tend not to sell but now they do and while its still cheap its still money. If you want to be rich you could in theory by cheap mats now craft mog which you save for a few weeks just before DF pre patch

  7. Due to all respect honestly for all you do, I really don't see point in this video specifically not because those "flips" are no longer valid, ofc they're not because even one discord message can engage 10000 people to do the same thing and be competition between each other, I really don't see added value to what are you doing. If point is to motivate people to go through new AH prices of materials and discover flips by them own, that is probably better subject instead of 4 ways to make gold.. they were 4 ways to make gold now find yourself new one. Really no hard feelings I rather leave comment and like for better algorhytm but yeah, this was my honest opinion πŸ™‚

  8. I had a ton of materials on a super low pop server that I honestly had written off that I wouldn't sell (I don't AH too much tbh so I tend not to be patient with it), but I threw them up and sold off all of them for 100k as a super crazy sell rate compared to what it was before the regionalization.

    I know a lot of potential profit was lost for the convoenience, but since I didn't expect to ever get it all sold anyways I wrote it off as a convenience tax.

    100k in the pocket is better than 200k in dust coated potential in my alt bank that I'll forget about πŸ™‚

  9. There is some blatant botting happening right now with desolate leather there is always one in stock with the price at 1g 54s it can’t be purchased and anything put up for cheaper is instantly purchased. You can watch it real time by just refreshing


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