5 TIPS to deal with GRIEVOUS as Disc Priest in M+ — Shadowlands Season 1

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I know this week is going badly for you in M+. Which is why I have a solution.

These tips are helpful at any dungeon level, from normal to very high keys and with these tips, this week turned from a nightmare into actually a really fun and engaging disc priest week for me.


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18 thoughts on “5 TIPS to deal with GRIEVOUS as Disc Priest in M+ — Shadowlands Season 1”

  1. Greetings Kromdar, this is friends!

    Love your video's so far, indeed in a similar style that Growl does his (meant as a big compliment). So far grievous hasnt really been an issue (haven't gone beyond +9 so that is probably why), the real issue has been my party members face tanking the spiteful shades… (Lifegrip ftw!).

    Anyway, keep it up and merry Christmas!

  2. Ive always been scared to use Shadow Covenant honestly, as the whole concept of not being able to use my holy spells tends to make me think "oh shit i can't heal with ANYTHING" forgetting that Shadow Mend is in fact…not a holy spell

  3. omg, you saved my week. i just did necro 10+, HoA +11 succesfully. tried to login your realm and wanted to thank you but you are offline. Should i change my talent back next week? This build is pretty strong so why not keep this build even not grevious week?

  4. I was struggling so much this week but I think Shadow Covenant is a really good idea! I'll definitely try that. I think this will allow my to push further than +7. Thank you so much!


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