Accolonn Sincerely Apologises to Blizzard Following the WoW Novel!

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Following the release of the New WoW Shadowlands Novel, Sylvanas Accolonn feels ready to Lose it!

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42 thoughts on “Accolonn Sincerely Apologises to Blizzard Following the WoW Novel!”

  1. Wonder Why This Channel Is Floundering, Despite The Very Aggressive Nature Of The Person Presenting, The Depth Of Detail On Covered Topics Seems Enough To Justify Viewership Simply Due To Quality.

  2. I'm not understanding what y'all mean when you describe Sylvanas as a morally grey character. A morally grey character will do anything to protect what they love. They do morally reprehensible things for a noble reason, but never cross the line into blind fanaticism. It's not just what they do, it's why they do it. There must be an obviously noble reason for their actions. Who or what was Sylvanas protecting when she burned Teldrassil?

    EDIT: Jdustin's claims that you can't fit all the story into the game makes me laugh my ass off. Yes, you absolutely can. Unlike movies that have run-time limits, and even novels with their admittedly soft word-count/page count limits, there are no such limits in a video game. None. You can get it all in if you have the talent, and as far as I'm concerned the fact that Blizzard started to lean more and more on books and comics to tell their core story just proves that they didn't have the talent to tell an increasingly complex story.

  3. They had to keep the jailers motives secret because if we knew what he was planning, we would support him since he's right. Thus, they had to keep it secret in order to keep people against him

  4. Remember when acco used to make lore theory videos instead of "I dont know where this is going so story bad" videos? So now instead of "I called this would be the answer months ago" videos, we get "this is the answer I wanted months ago" videos. He went from loving the story to completely being on the hate train. I really miss the theory videos

  5. I think I need a coffee with whiskey before I sit back to watch this one. Edit: The writing style feels lower in grade level than I expected. Is this normal of her past novels?

  6. If blizzard put the stuff from the book into the game, then there would be no reason to write the book. Fuck this book, these basic ass details should be in the game. I’ll never read their books to understand the game.

    Books should be used to fill in the gaps of other storylines that don’t focus around the main story they want to tell in the game. The book shouldn’t be a supplement to the main story that drives current content.

  7. I just finished the novel. All the predictions were right. I don't regret supporting Sylvanas. I wish I could support her now, but the whole Arthas scene …
    The end of the novel was complete GARBAGE imo. Unless the afterlife changed, the world will STILL be a prison and Sylvanas is okay with this? Okay…. Also, I'm sorry, the novel has made me love Nathanos even more. I love the romance between them.

  8. What's really an insult over the novel, is 1) the information it withheld to make more money from its fans and 2) I've already will have spent (among others) 2+ years of sub money to Shadowlands subscription – well pricier than a novel bookstore price. Its just insulting.

  9. That jdustin guy in chat had to be a Danusr acct with the way he was simping for blizz. Only an idiot would think it's acceptable to have to now buy a book, as well as, the game while paying a monthly sub to be able to understand the story. Nevermind the fact that the book was at the end of the xpac.

  10. You had me for a few moments there. Then I realized this was way too over the top for you. You're sincere when you apologize, but you really started milking it hard there. I was laughing so hard when I realized it was a joke. Nicely done.

  11. You would think that things finally starting to make a lick of sense would be a joyous occasion… but in this case it only serves to make my blood boil even hotter about what Danuser has done to the lore by abandoning the blueprint left behind by Metzen.

    All of this could have been so much better. All Danuser needed to do to be venerated for continuing the story of Warcraft was to follow the blueprint. He could have been celebrated as a hero for faithfully seeing through the vision that had brought WoW to the forefront of the MMO genre.

    But no… he had other ideas… and those ideas were sloppy, lazy and utter dogshit and exposed what a terrible writer he is. And now WoW has been dethroned as the King of MMOs.

  12. glad i read the comments before watching lol
    Ah man, missed opportunity to go from all apologetic tone straight into full screaming rage filled rant calling Danuser shit.

  13. I understand what you're going through, Accollon. Like every one of us, you were caught up in anger about this huge rip-off expansion, which is more like a whitewashed tomb than what we bargained. The Jailer was mediocre and didn't even have his portrait appearance with the beard, we didn't see the souls of every character who died in WarCraft, Blizzard forced us to grind for anima in which in a universe so large there shouldn't even be a so-called "drought," and most players simply went for the Kyrian Covenant anyway, due to buff blue angels. Even Asmongold wouldn't argue with that.
    Even after the 9.1 cinematic, we saw Sylvanas giving vague info to Anduin, which implies greedy people. Again, we were all caught up in this online riot over Shadowlands because it could have been made so much better, and Blizzard failed to listen to us and meet our demands, like they should have done. The way Blizzard has handled Shadowlands is just as bad as Squidward playing his clarinet.
    My point is, we, as human beings, all lose it at some point. We were so sick and tired of how the WoW Writing Team write their stories that we shout and scream, "enough is enough!!" I, for one, have since stopped listening to the Main Universe lore and instead focused my story writing on an alternate universe, where things actually make sense. If Sylvanas exists in real life, I'd bet she has a thing or two to say about how Blizzard handled writing her story arc.
    As for Christie Golden, I bet she will forgive you because again, you were caught up in being outraged over how Shadowlands is being handled, and human nature overrode common sense, especially when blizzard is destroying a pinnacle game of all things possible. It happens to the best of us, and I will tell you that I've had similar blow-ups in my teenager years and still bear the scars of the past. No joke.

  14. Chris retired right after legion and overwatch launched. That means we have 3 more expansions if Danuser is going to follow the blueprint which in the 9.2 announcement trailer sounds like they arent.

  15. I'm of the opinion that players don't have the patience for in-game story-telling, but at the same time Blizzard has a horrible way of telling a story in game. Look its cool if you make books to explain some back story and I think that's perfectly fine, BUT if you DON'T explain this stuff until after the fact ( Just like you said) then the whole point of writing a story is flawed from the beginning, because you're tyring to make a game fit the story of a book that comes out AFTER a game and you're hoping for it to be a saving grace for the product INSTEAD of INVOLVING all of this stuff IN THE ACTUAL GAME!!!
    Ugh… This could have been so much better if it was IN GAME, NOT IN DELAYED BOOK!!!

  16. a god of death and spirits that can see the future, the timeline of every mortal that crosses his pressence and is not content of what he sees everytime…so much that he decides to take action for once and end the determinism in the makers design for reality, sounds like a WAY FUCKING COOLER VILLAIN FROM WHAT WE GOT!! imagine going against something like that, like an actual anti aman'thul that hates the set in stone fate and craves freedom, that is a more interesting and fun villain than dollar store thanos ingame, my god we were robbed.

  17. This novel should of had been released before 9.1 at least, because like what accolonn has been preaching, things didn't make sense till reading this novel. I believe the previous expansion was done properly, the novel "Before the Storm" (release before BFA) had a story told about Grizzek Fizzwrench & Sapphronetta Flivvers and was left on a cliff hanger in the novel but then the rest of the story was completed in-game doing a quest line in a later patch. I appreciated that quest line because I finally found out how their story ended.


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