Before you do any PvP in Shadowlands, watch this! | Beginner's guide to PvP addons you NEED! | WoW

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Before you do any PvP in Shadowlands, watch this! | Beginnerโ€™s guide to PvP addons you NEED! | WoW

PvP in Shadowlands is an incredible way to gear and itโ€™s a super rewarding, time-sucking activity that you can do even if youโ€™ve never done it before! However, youโ€™ll need some help at the beginning, and setting up your UI and add-ons is whatโ€™ll help you improve. In this video, Iโ€™m going over 14 addons you should have, especially as a beginner in PvP, so that you can have an easier way of tracking whatโ€™s going on and what you need to work on. If youโ€™d like to see separate guides on how to perfectly set up each one of those add-ons, let me know in the comments, and feel free to suggest your own addons that are awesome for someone whoโ€™s just getting into PvP!

00:00 Intro
00:31 What you WONโ€™T find in this guide!
01:03 Details!
01:26 Gladius
01:47 Threat Plates
02:02 DBP + DBM PvP
02:26 Shadowed Unit Frames (SUF)
02:59 MoveAnything
03:19 OmniCC
03:28 Bartender4
04:01 WeakAuras2
04:40 Quartz
05:09 H.H.T.D.
05:28 BattleGroundEnemies
05:45 Boomkinator
05:59 DontCast
06:12 Outro + QUESTION!
06:40 Support The Channel!

Add-on dowload links:

Threat Plates
Shadowed Unit Frames (SUF)
Quartz + Quartz Power

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3 thoughts on “Before you do any PvP in Shadowlands, watch this! | Beginner's guide to PvP addons you NEED! | WoW”

  1. Nice list, and happy to see H.H.T.D on there. Anyone who has ever ran a random BG knows that most people could benefit from that addon. I've never tried Boomkinator, and according to the download page of CurseForge it seems to have spotty support, and doesn't include several specs. I'd recommend Hekili as an alternative to those who would like to try a rotation helper, but whose class/spec isn't supported by Boomkinator. Video looks great, keep it up!


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