DK 9.1 COMP TIER LIST & GUIDE (Shadowlands S2 PVP)

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HERE IT IS! I took a while to plan out the format for this video, to make sure the information provided was actually valuable. I settled in with a mixture of availability, ease of play for premade groups and new teams, and overall power for both Frost & Unholy in 3s arena. To be clear, this is comps for 3v3 arena ordered by how likely you are to get Gladiator in Shadowlands Season 2 with them.

This will explain the power and basic setups of many powerful comps (spoilers) like Warrior/DK and DH/DK as well as explain some reasons some other comps just simply don’t work well with DK. Furthermore, it will show some new potential up and comers that probably will not get much rep, but if your friend or long time arena partner still wishes to play that spec, there’s lots you can do to make it work and find your win condition!

I hope you guys enjoy it. Check out my other guide videos for all the Shadowlands Season 2 information (Covenants, legendaries, stats, gear, talents, etc.) that is assumed in this video.



OH, and no, there’s not a 2s section during this video. Queue with rsham in 2s. Guide completed. 🙂

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0:00 – Introduction
2:32 – Explaining Each Tier

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