Domination Gear: Not ONLY For Raiders! WoW 9.1 Shadowlands Update

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In the latest 9.1 PTR build for Chains of Domination, Domination gear has gone through a small revamp, including making the gear more inclusive to those who don’t raid! Come take a look and share what you think!

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22 thoughts on “Domination Gear: Not ONLY For Raiders! WoW 9.1 Shadowlands Update”

  1. I like the concept! The more formats for how people can get gear is awesome! Anything that helps the more casuals who can’t dedicate tons of time to raiding trying a bonus is really cool!

  2. This was supposed to be the placeholder for tier sets tho. M+ has valor upgrades, casuals have the upgradeable Korthia stuff already, and PvP has a vendor and higher ilvl vs players. Why can't raid gear have perks for raiders?!

  3. Cool, give it 10 minutes and they'll put domination sockets on gear from M+ chests and we'll be right back to raiding being an irrelevant gear progression path

  4. I think the domination socket system is fantastic. The socket system in general is incredibly underutilized. Soul, you've played Final Fantasy, and if I had to compare the two I'd say that Final Fantasy kills it with their gem system, while WoW does a pretty bad job with it.

    So yeah, a step in the right direction, but this needs to be applied to the basic gem system after domination gear is gone.

  5. The addition of the item to unsocket the shards was soooo needed. I had a feeling if they added it that it would be unique so as to stop raiders from swapping shards on every boss. This should be available at jewlcraft trainers for standard gems as well.

  6. I’d be totally fine if they remove every expansion specific system from now until forever make one farmable path that you just keep upgrading the fact is, nothing is new, they recycle abilities, procs, spells, talents between classes and specs people say they’d get bored but they’ve been doing it since Vanilla so if your playing you’ve already been doing it

  7. I hope the live game does have a way for folks to get these shards and related gear outside of the raid. But in past PTRs, Blizzard has added vendors that provide access to otherwise rare items, so players can have access for testing purposes, and then removed these vendors before the patch goes live. Have you seen anything to suggest that these vendors are intended to be permanent, or could they be these temporary testing vendors?

  8. they have to make both the passive and the proc effect only work on korthia and the raid or this literally makes a ton of pieces from the great vault useless, shards of domination are a stupid concept should of just used the essences interface and called it a day

  9. I like this! I'm one of these so-called solo/casual players, and i would love to get myself some domination gear for when i run torghast etc. Great news imo!


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