FIRST LOOK At Mage Tower In Patch 9.1.5 – Is It GOOD or BAD? | WoW Shadowlands

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The mage tower was finally made available for testing on the 9.1.5 PTR – but how does it look so far?
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23 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK At Mage Tower In Patch 9.1.5 – Is It GOOD or BAD? | WoW Shadowlands”

  1. I did do the Mage Tower during Legion, I did it as a Resto Shaman. This time around I am playing on a Holy Priest, but they get the same scenario. I copied my Priest over to the PTR and was absolutely wrecked. I consider myself a pretty damn good Priest, not the best mind you but still pretty good. I think 30-40 seconds was my "best" attempt so far. I'll give it another shot today later but I really don't think I will make it past the 1st wave at all.

  2. I think wow overall lacks identity and most of all, a consistent value. Making something like Mage tower more available to the casual "always failing" player, you loose a potential core value for that content to be special. These days, power is everything, you need little to no skill to be good-, it's all a matter of how much time -you can spend farming/wasting your life away in order to do the things you want. I'm not a big fan of power creapy games, but mechanics in wow are pritty solid. All i see is a huge missed opportunity, and overall, scaling isn't perfect tho by far the best thing they did for wow. In a PvE angle i can agree "growing" by gear may seem delightful, but all that could have been kept withing the lvling itself, how power is the dictator of PvP will never make sense to me in any game what so ever.

  3. This is literally so lazy , the fights are not new , it's just recycled old content. They are intentionally gimping youbeing squished with no legion functionality (you can't use your artifact lmao ) this is quite obviously to make it a " challenge " so in essence they're giving you recolor armor to so a recycled gimmick version of actual good content.

    This is not impressive at all.

  4. I know nothing about the mage tower besides the rewards. How does the mage tower work? is it just one encounter? is it a series of encounters? will it need to be unlocked or is it auto unlocked and u just show up and do it? Only thing anyone has said "the mage tower is coming and here are the rewards" ok… but WTF is the mage tower? lol

  5. Whenever blizzard does something there’s more cons than there are pros. It’s ridiculous. I find myself stressing out over the game more than I find myself enjoying it.

  6. So let me get this straight, they want you to enter the Mage Tower w/o using any of the power systems that THEY forced a character to use, but you cant use them.. Gotcha!! This is going to be a nightmare for some.. IMO!!

  7. As mentioned here this content is going to show how bad some classes are going to be without borrowed power, a bit disturbing Mage Tower is being put out to us in a release build which tells me Blizz has done ZERO testing with the current classes as per usual. They never learn from their mistakes.


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