FIX YOURS NOW! The Bellular Shadowlands UI: The Clean, EASY & Optimal Setup For WoW!

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Your WoW UI is how you know what to do in-game. So, we’ve created two easy-to-install profiles that get you an ideal setup for Shadowlands. Find them here:
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21 thoughts on “FIX YOURS NOW! The Bellular Shadowlands UI: The Clean, EASY & Optimal Setup For WoW!”

  1. Being OCD, I hate how ElvUI boxes are not all the same size (i.e. action bars, action bar 2 is 1 pixel bigger than action bar 1). You can remove that 1 pixel by modifying the settings, but it is annoying when the settings are the same for both bars, but one is actually different. It doesn't give me confidence in the addon. It does look nice though.

  2. Don’t overlook MoveAnything, especially if you like some of the default Blizzard components but just not where they are on screen or how large they are. It lets you move almost anything (obviously), even stuff you didn’t know could be moved, like those pop-ups taking heads during quests.

  3. Head Up Display design often uses the principal of primary, secondary, and tertiary information. The more frequently you need to access that information the more towards primary it is and the closer to the point of focus (usually center of screen) that information should be. Resources and procs? Primary. CDs and event notifications? Secondary. DPS meters? Tertiary.

  4. DBM and Raid auras take away the challenge. You don't have to be observant you just wait for that, "BEWARE," and then you look for it instead of staying attentive to keep an eye out for the danger.

  5. I havent played wow in a long time, when I did i used the default UI.
    The difference between the original and yours was so big, that every time you showed any gameplay footage it was amusing trying to find your health…

    Now my fun will be ruined 😔

  6. I love how the comment section is pretty much unanimous on the fact we all prefer the default UI.

    Honestly, i hate all the garbage in the middle of the screen with the addons like Bell shows it. I like to look at my game, not a clusterfuck of numbers, and the way this addons put everything clustered in a tiny square.. ugh… No thanks.

    Something that may be important to say is that i use a g600 mouse from Logitech… mostly everything is keybind and thus i don't need to look at my buttons all the time. Some characters i never do need to! So i can use the deault UI, scaled down, and keep my screen clean. ALSO don't need to worry every patch when the addon stop working…. My guildies suck during raid everytime a big patch happens because they can't play with the regular UI….

  7. Ah yes, raids. That thing where the officers' friends, regardless of performance, get all the good stuff, and then they say you're not a team player once you stop showing up.

  8. I really can't stand Elv's look and feel. It is incredibly ugly and not appealing at all. Honestly, it is completely unnecessary – weakAuras alone can provide all the info you need on the center of the screen, without killing the fantasy feel the OG UI has.


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