How to Join (Return) to a Covenant – WoW Shadowlands Guide

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Hey guys, today with a small video on how to return to the covenant and clarifying a bit that you aren’t losing anything when leaving a covenant.
This is the last string of content I have this for patch 🙁
Pray for new patch to come fast 😀
Have a nice day!

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19 thoughts on “How to Join (Return) to a Covenant – WoW Shadowlands Guide”

  1. Such a dogshit system, you should be able to swap covenants on the fly and without any penalty. Why even make content that 3/4 players will likely never even experience since you're being punished to try out new things.
    Great vid btw 😛

  2. Hey. As i see you play as arcane. Some of guids says necro is good, some says vent, some says night… I'm fire and im on fae atm. I would like to know which one is good why and why not?

  3. Say you've betrayed all 3 other covenants. Can you do the quests for all 3 at the same time and have them ready to switch by the 2nd reset? Would be handy way to switch asap if need haha

  4. Nice Video. But could you instantly accept a new Prove Your Worth Quest to rejoin a covernant in the same week as you turned in the 2nd part (Rebuild Our Trust Quest) of the previous swap? So after you rejoined NF could you directly start the first part (Prove Your Worth Quest) for Kyrian again?


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