Is This REALLY The Future of Sylvanas in Shadowlands??? Major Hints DROPPED By 'DEVELOPER'

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Sylvanas is one of the main drivers of the story in World of Warcraft Shadowlands but during a recent interview a massive potential hint was dropped about Sylvanas and her future in WoW Shadowlands.

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0:00 – Is This REALLY The Future of Sylvanas in Shadowlands??? Major Hints DROPPED By ‘DEVELOPER’
1:27 – Did Morgan Day slip his tongue about Sylvanas “Death”?
3:40 – Do we kill Sylvanas in Patch 9.1 Sanctum of Domination?
4:56 – What we know so far from the Datamined Patch 9.1 Notes
5:16 – Speculation: What is Sylvanas trying to do?
7:27 – Vereesa Windrunner Short Story: Folks and Fairy Tales
8:09 – Sylvanas Redemption story setup?


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32 thoughts on “Is This REALLY The Future of Sylvanas in Shadowlands??? Major Hints DROPPED By 'DEVELOPER'”

  1. I have little interest in the sylvannus bow, as I have no intention of infinitely farming the boss to get it. And by the time you kill her, progression is over anyway, so it is useless.

  2. I completely like the idea of your Acc! And I want to say one more thing. I heared about if we will doing the Battle for Ardenweald questline in 9.1 and if we won't show agression against Sylvanas there, she will be merciful with us in the Chains of domination raid. What do you think about that?
    What could it mean?
    I really can't imagine as you, that she can't die. She can't travel back to the Maw, since she is different like a person dies in Azeroth or something since she is a Banshee in her body…… Like a fricking ragdoll!!!! I cannot imagine that she will die there…only physically. And she said "I've not come this far to faulter". I think personally if Alleria would come there she would stop Sylvanas with the plan she made. She wants to finish it.

  3. She's gonna get resurrected back into life, together with the rest of Forsaken, ironic truly… Lordaeron will be restored and gameplay wise Forsaken as a horde race will get an option to switch between human and undead form (just as the Worgens can).

  4. What if we do end up looting it from her corpse on the ground, but it's because her soul or banshee form left her body for some reason? To merge with the rest of her soul, perhaps? To do something that she couldn't do while in her body? To get somewhere she can't go with a body? To borrow a different body?

  5. As a Slyvannas Loyalist I'd be happy if her soul was fully made complete. We know undeath changes you. We know her character was enhanced with one emotion in undeath, hers was anger rage sadness etc. It would make sense when raising some undead their souls would fragment and the good qualities hidden away that would get in the way of them being undead fighting machines. To me the story seems consistent. As we Saw Slyvannas in life was different. Undeath changes you. I would be glad for Slyavannas to get a happy ending. She had a horrible unlife. Her character changed when she died but she was still a hero in life. I liked her dark side, but I also liked her light side. To see her become whole would be satisfying. As a horde main player I was just sick and tired of losing warchiefs. Slyvannas is one of our most powerful horde lore characters. I would be happy to see her return. I feel like Tyrande/Malfurion for example have done horrible things in the past but they are still here. Varian also had a soul splitting arc, it would be nice for horde heroes to be treated good. And not just boss fodder. It would be interesting to see a whole Slyvannas soul and the thoughts she did when she was in the horde? Would she still want to be in the horde? Or go alliance with her sisters? Some interesting drama. I would be all for her to get plot improvements. I just remember back in blizzcon when they were ready to give up on the undead story line and just genocide them off in BFA. I am happy they at least continued the undead plot into shadowlands where we see many heroic undead/dead figures. I am interested to see if we see a forsaken cultural shift when we come back to Azeroth. As they once were hunted by the alliance to almost extinction for being undead and inhabiting Lordaeron, the birthright of the forsaken. Being recognized as a people would be nice. I am interested to see where Calia will fit in with all this.

    I did like the horrible stuff Slyvanas did. Her scourge tactics made the horde interesting for a while. I enjoyed that for the plot. She seemed heroic in Legion. Part of me wishes she will betray the Jailer, even if that means she won't be on our side. I just do not want a Garrosh 2.0. Blizzard wanted to make him great but ended up killing him off because the players hated him, instead of letting the plot develop. To this day I didn't like Garrosh because of his xenophobia, but I am intrigued to find out how blizzard would have made him heroic. So I am also interested how we will see Garrosh in the next patch. I just hope they don't mess up these next few patches. I don't want Slyvanas to just be a loot pinata. Garrosh 2.0 I feel shouldn't happen. The alliance seem to get all the glorious lore victories.

  6. current Sylvanas is irredeemable. she doesnt get a change of heart/Darth Vader moment. shes no longer worthy of that and I would be DEEPLY dissapointed by it if it happened. its clear now that she burned Teldrassil in order to get Elune involved, because the Jailer needed her in the game. which means that you do NOT have a Strathlome moment, hell, you cant even use the Hiroshima/Nagasaki "it saved us from a costly invasion and ended the war sooner" justification. its JUST a warcrime, its JUST genocide. you dont even get the "well, Garrosh nuked Menethil" excuse because that was a strategic victory, it wiped out a major threat to his rear and was a thorn in the Horde's side for decades, wiping it out was cruel, but allowed him to press the attack north. even IF it could originally have been argued that Teldrassil was Sylvanas's Menethil harbor, that gets OBLITERATED in the "she was always working for the jailer" retcon, she was just killing for evil sake.



    that said. What they seem to be planning is a rip-off of Endgame to wrap up their botched Infinity War clone which is Shadowlands. we're going to free souls that were brought to the Maw and those souls will work to overcome the Jailers plan.hell, I wouldnt even be surprised if we dont time travel to get alternate versions of these people, its not like they havent done that. Why else have we not seen Varian or Arthas? we know they're here. ….its because one of those souls will be the Bluther-esk soul fragment of Slyvanas at the moment she was killed by Frostmourne. yes, Arthas made a banshie out of Slyvanas's soul, but Uther clearly shows you get broken up when you die. that was a purposeful retcon.

    So, we'll destroy once and for all the Banshie Queen Sylvanas, only to find an uncorrupted Ranger-General Sylvanas who has no clue wtf has happened in the last 35 years. they're REALLY trying to have their cake and eat it too, and im not sure how I feel about that

  7. Ngl, really just hoping she dies already, her character is so screwed up and all over the place its like trying to understand the damn Joker. Only difference being the Joker wasn't a hot chick who all the internet and dev team is drooling/simping over.

  8. Hey acco. Hi from new zealand. On the topic of the dark lady split soul redemption arc I believe your right. My thoughts. Anduin stabs sylvanas with kingsmourne (magic stuff happens) she returns to ranger general windrunner dieing uttering the words "is it over". Just like arthas…then could be redeemed with possible role in SLands
    I'd be unhappy with this. I just want to kill the bitch😈
    For the Horde

  9. It kind of worries me after all she been through even to the point jumping off icecrown to end the misery I can understand and relate with it because I am a believer in the spirit and the spirit can drive you insane or it can make you stronger that's why she became the leader of the horde especially since she's been on the other side as a general I love her character no matter what she's always been a queen of my heart thank you very much this is Jeff AKA smiley a devout and total fan of world of Warcraft since 05 but due to un scene financial struggles I haven't been able to subscribe to the game we're almost a year and a half but I will always be a fan of the Lore of world of Warcraft and I look forward to the day where I can get back to the game and I want used to do and following what happens in the game I even purchased the latest expansion and to look forward to the day I get the computer that can get me back where I once was with a 2 month subscription on top of the expansion thanks

  10. Using Acco's explaination of Blizzard would not waste money and resources on model upgrades, what if the "Sylvanas Redeemed" April fool's joke was not actually a joke. Since a morneblade was used to split her soul then perhaps a morneblade must be used to return the soul back to its rightful state. We all know Anduin would do this for Sylvanas if it were possible.

  11. she is going down bro. There will be no twists and stuff. Dev said it himself "her corpse" and it is time for her to go. I used to be a fan of Sylvanas until that butchering of her character in BFA.

  12. Anduin is helpless, Arthus is MIA, TYRANDE has been actively gaining power and is ENTIRELY focused on vengeance for Teldrassil and hunting Sylvanas, theres you RIVAL. easy…

  13. What if Zovaal's betrayal was the splitting of Elune into Elune and Eonar as a deal with the Titans, but couldn't control/imprison the Elune half…and we do kill this half of Sylvanas, only to eventually free the other half and with it, reveal the Elune part of the story?

    Maybe then Elune uplifts the remainder of Sylvanas' good half into something more/new, and that's the last we see of her directly?

  14. Oh I think we kill her, However that doesnt mean that she cant be redeemed. We might figgure out when we are fighting Zovaal why Sylvanas did what she did. And that leads to a redemption story, or atleast it might make us understand why she did what she did. She doesnt need to be alive to be redeemed. The memory of her might be redeemed is what im trying to say.


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