Let's Play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (Crossing the River of Souls

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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to Basic Level Gaming! Today we are going to start with some great news! As of next week we are going to be uploading to this series three whole days a week! That’s right, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will be doing something within this series! Anyways, on to today’s content. Today we are still working with our level 50 night elf druid. We are currently in the Maw, and about to try and cross the River of Souls. I am really loving the cinematic elements that are in the content these days. The trip accross looks like it is going to be an easy one, but not so fast. In the end we do find our way, and with a little work we manage to escape the Maw. Well at least we do, but not our party. We vow to come back for them though, so that is good right? We take a little tour of the main city, then head off to the Bastion. This is where we we finish for the day, and will pick back up here on Monday.

Hopefully you enjoyed the video, and will join us next week! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on those notifications, or you too will be sent to spend eternity in the Maw!

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