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Shadowlands 9.0 had a slow and frustrating start, but on patch 9.2, double legendaries, easy covenant swaps, soulbind changes, and the new tier sets were introduced. WoW became really satisfying and fun to play again, especially if you joined a Guild full of cool people who like to PvP, Arena, Raid & M+.

There are still a lot of things wrong with World of Warcraft which create friction between the community and the developers, but it all stems from everyone’s love and passion for the game. We want BoA / cross faction gameplay / no annoying restrictive systems / alt friendliness / less FRICTION to HAVE FUN and experiment with cool builds without sinking a month of your life to test something.

We’ve been heading in the right direction for a while now, and Dragonflight, the new expansion has massive potential to be an awesome experience. Let’s just hope Blizzard stay true to their word and listen to the community feedback this time.

We get DRAGONS, a new evoker class, the Dracthyr race, dragon riding for fun travel, a new and improved talent tree, and more of the usual dungeons, raids, pvp, transmogs, pets, mounts, stories, quests, treasures, rares, experiences, etc you expect with a new expansion.

We’re finally going account bound with a lot of items, currencies, and systems. Cross faction is getting more and more integrated so eventually Horde & Alliance can be best buddies.

Wrath of The Lich King Classic will soon be upon us. I’d like to finish up all The Burning Crusade Classic raids before I take my night elf into WoTLK. I still have unfinished business in TBC so hopefully I get it done before it’s out. Playing Alliance this time round has been a cool experience.

What did you love / hate about Shadowlands? What are you hyped to see in Dragonflight? Which Shadowlands covenants did you enjoy and what did you dislike about the systems? Venthyr / Night Fae / Necrolord / Kyrian

I still need to try Necrolord on my Death Knight. Night Fae Demon Hunter looks fun pressing The Hunt. Playing Hunter in PvP battlegrounds on BM, MM & Survival is super fun. All the specs feel insane. I want to revive my Rogue at some point and level my: Mage, Warlock, Warrior, Druid, Priest, Paladin, Monk, and Shaman to max level before Dragonflight.

1. Sepulcher of the First Ones
2. Castle Nathria
3. Sanctum of Domination

Torghast was terrible and unfinished at the start of the expansion, but now it feels great. They made the changes that needed to be done. It’s annoying that we had to beta test the LIVE game despite community grumbles during the PTR.

Shadowlands dungeons were enjoyable. But if you don’t get involved with the M+ scene at the very start of the expansion it’s hard to get going when people already know all the skips and tricks for each dungeon. The LFG system needs work. Solo queue for PvP is finally getting implemented for solo arena play as solo shuffle which is good. I think something similar for M+ solo would be good so you don’t have to worry about joining a guild or rolling the dice on the LFG tool.

PvP has been extremely fun, but there’s a high barrier for entry still, even though it’s better than it has been in the past. The gearing system is broken. The best players get the best gear and dunk on everyone else. Give other players a chance to get the higher gear to be on an even playing ground. Why can a 2400 player play with an 800 player, yet the opposing team doesn’t get any gear scaling to compensate. Scale the gear to the rating so the match isn’t over in one ability.

Shadowlands was much better than BFA. World of Warcraft as a core game is beautiful. The problem is developers putting in pointless systems that prevent the players from HAVING FUN. Locking the covenants until later in the expansion was an unbelievably bad idea, it literally made me unsubscribe. If Blizzard do the same for the Dragonflight covenants “flights” I will be blown away. Please learn from your mistakes Blizzard. The community has so much passion for the game that it turns to anger when these frustrating systems are added to the game despite all the negative feedback.

World of Warcraft = 10 / 10

Brewmaster Orc Huntingjoe (Dragonblight-EU) ~ Horde Guild Uninstalled ~ Dragonflight on Dragonblight /train

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