*NEW* 9.1 Release Date – WoW Shadowlands |Chains of Domination|

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Today we received a New blue post from Blizzard themselves. They finally announced the 9.1 Release Date for WoW Shadowlands, Chains of Domination and the news couldnt be better. We are finally getting the 9.1 patch which we all anticipated on the 30th of June!
All new, Raid, Megadungeon, Season 2 PVP /PVE, Mythic + changes and much more. We cover all that in this video.

Check out WoW Head for more information regarding the release date : https://www.wowhead.com/news?page=3

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7 thoughts on “*NEW* 9.1 Release Date – WoW Shadowlands |Chains of Domination|”

  1. Finally Chains of Domination patch 9.1 has been announced to 30th of June for Europe. Extremely exciting news as this has been the most prolonged patch in the history of World of Warcraft since 2004. Tell me, what is the most exciting thing that you cant wait for ? (Dont say 9.2 😛 )

  2. I'm so excited for 9.1! I'm looking forward to the new m+ dungeons and inhouse raider io scoring system. I'm also looking forward to exploring the new content and flying of course! Thank you for the great video!

  3. First off all THANK YOU for releasing the vid so fast, it was amazing as always!!Second i am soooooo HYPED! i also taught it will be like end of July or even August so this is a very welcoming news! Cant wait!!


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