*NEW* Mal'ganis Cinematic REVEALS The TRUTH of the Shadowlands, The Legion and More… [SPOILERS]

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A New Cinematic for World of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination shows us just how deep the Nathrezim has dug themselves into the cosmic forces of WoW Shadowlands.

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33 thoughts on “*NEW* Mal'ganis Cinematic REVEALS The TRUTH of the Shadowlands, The Legion and More… [SPOILERS]”

  1. When more and more unveiled about Sylvanas and my look at her changed towards, how my wife had been seeing her, I can't seem to stop thinking, if someone like her choose Zuval as an ally, might it be this expansion might be ending with us losing our covenant abilities when we choose to help Zuval to break free.
    Yes, with Remornia and Sire Denatrious in the hands of the Natrezime, you can consider them free

  2. The whole Denathrius thing has me puzzled. He loses and gets sealed up in the sword and Zovaal shoves him off like "eh his parts done". Yet his Nathrezim make it seem like they're doing Zovaals bidding to get him back. Is Denathrius gonna backstab/use him or continue blindly following him? I mean if I was a god like being getting used as a stepping stone regardless of how nice the long term plan is I'd be pretty pissed lol.

  3. Titan fascilities such as the ones in Ulduar and Uldum are set to wipe all life as well, it is there for a reset switch and we stopped it being triggered twice correct? this is the same notion of the burning crusde and also sub directive of the the legion where it converts all "life" to the fel so no souls goto the Shadowlands there for starving the 1st ones of power so that they can take control during an ANima drought.

  4. It makes more sense that every cosmic power is going after Azeroth. And it just seems like death is the closest and when the voice says it's going to save us it's going to save us from death while at the same time going for the Titan. They keep painting the cosmological forces as neither good or bad but rather they are just fulfilling their purpose, I think all of their purpose is to awaken Azeroth.

  5. What broke the Arbitor? The legion had a devious plan tht we actually helped them succeed in doing. There is 1 boss we killed in Tomb of Sargras that always seemed strange and seeing the same models in the Maw made me really thing that "The Desolate Host" (an amalgimation of corrupted souls btw) was what did it. How? we killed a collection of Nelf souls that had been twisted in such away that when the 100s or even 1000s+ souls all hit the arbitor at once it overloading her and shutting her down. It's raid mechanics have an ability called soulbind so very early SL links imo as after we kill the Sisters of Elune (also relevant to an extent) we wander down and break the arbitor and it fits the timeline of after Ursoc and before bfa.

  6. So, it looks like Sire Denathrius stole Frostmorne and the Helm of Domination from Zuvaal, and in return, he owes Zuvaal for not destroying him outright. Okay, but how would this fit in the timeline?

    The light attacks the Venthyr because of the Nathrezim, and the Stonewright becomes a Night Warrior to repel th Light. So, Elune stood against the Light in the defense of Ravendreth (and possibly the other Eternals, if they didn't know what Sire Denathius had done). Then Elune flees the Shadowlands in order to avoid being locked in the Maw with Zuvaal. That would explain why the Winter Queen thought that she had abandon her.

  7. On a related note, am I the only one who preferred the Dreadlords' old, pre-Legion models? Like, back then the Nathrezim were legit creepy looking, like actual unholy beings of Death. Their models from Legion onward make them look like that alien from Destroy All Humans, tbh.

  8. what makes me annoyed about this is they literally decided to throw out a ton of things they had planned, all to keep denathrius as a character. like if he is the central point among this, blizz had to rewrite a ton of shit they had already planned… which makes the 'storytelling' of this messy and stupid IMO.

  9. We the players……Are actually the bad guys. We've been destroying everyone and everything that has actually been dropping hints about the big picture.


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