Patch 9.2 // Double Legendary // WoW Shadowlands

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Patch 9.2 adds the ability to equip a second legendary, allowing you to wear one of your normal legendaries, plus your covenant one. There are two ways to unlock this second legendary, either by purchasing a legendary belt, or by purchasing a new runecarving recipe.

Both belt and recipe require revered with The Enlightened to purchase. The Runecarving recipe is the same for all classes, so reaching revered and unlocking it with one character will likely allow all characters in your account to craft a second legendary. The Runecarving recipe costs 500 Cosmic Flux, while the belt costs 2500 Cosmic Flux. The belt is more expensive likely because the runecarving recipe requires you to buy the base item to craft.

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1 thought on “Patch 9.2 // Double Legendary // WoW Shadowlands”

  1. At first I thought the new zone was going to be just for world buffs and cosmetics. Instead they're forcing another questing/rep grind down our throats. Yet again, they're forcing players to do content they don't want to do. Obviously everyone is gonna want the new leggos so they're gonna be forced into playing the new zone. Force more quests on me senpai. I definitely sit at work all day dreaming of going home and grinding rep. F**k Arenas/bgs. F**k M+ Dungeons. F**k Raiding. Let's do some dallies baby!


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