Ret vs. Fury Who Wins?! Ret Paladin PvP – Duels w/ Commentary! WoW Shadowlands 9.2

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16 thoughts on “Ret vs. Fury Who Wins?! Ret Paladin PvP – Duels w/ Commentary! WoW Shadowlands 9.2”

  1. thank you for the video. I don’t know if just me bad I found ret is hard to duel so many classes. Warlock shadow bolt just hit me twice the. I am dead and I cat do anything

  2. The reason windwalkers are using force lightning now is because of their tier set. The tier set is after 10 damaging abilities, their next 3 abilities deal 22% increased damage. So they use a lot of filler for those first 10 abilities, and because their legendary makes them not want to use tiger palm as well, they’ll use whatever else they can

  3. @lvladen – Cool vid. "How best to beat this class" would be a cool video to watch. Its hard to keep up with what ever class and covenant can do.

    For example: Assassin rogues – did not know that you could cleanse sepsis. Great Tip.

  4. If you take executioner sentence to burst with, then you shouldn't have a problem dealing with fury warriors. Pretty much everything dies with wings, executioner sentence, and the trinket that does 14k+ lol

  5. I know it's very naive but I can't choose a class so I ask a specialist like you! I'll write the characters and ask you to sort them by force on duels -Frost DK,DH,Ret Pala,Fury War.These are the characters I like,Please sort them by force for a duel so I can choose who to play with and who is my alt <3


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