Sanctum of Domination Music | Patch 9.1 | WoW Shadowlands Music

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00:00 – Sanctum of Domination
8:09 – Sanctum of Domination | Anduin
10:23 – Zovall Intro
10:49 – Boss Battle
22:42 – Sylvanas
24:19 – Walking

Contributing Artists: Neal Acree, David Arkenstone, Grant Kirkhope.

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12 thoughts on “Sanctum of Domination Music | Patch 9.1 | WoW Shadowlands Music”

  1. The music in itself is kinda okay but to me it feels like it drowns in the bad gameplay it's designed for. The main theme that's coming back is the maw music which to me feels terrible. Just like the azerite music ("point of impact", if I'm correct), the music in itself isn't bad but it's too dramatic for "click a button to heal 5 azerite wounds". Same exact thing with the maw. So bad compared to for example the BoD music (mainly "zandalar forever") which rather than reusing the zandalari music of 8.0 built something better upon it.

  2. I can definitely tell all the boss battle music is by David Arkenstone because it draws heavy inspiration from his music for Eternal Palace and the Ashvane Company music from Bfa. A bit too much inspiration in my opinion lol, it's still good though. Also reminds me a bit of his Argent Tournament music.

  3. 00:00 – Sanctum of Domination
    Death was never meant to be inchained
    Death is coming
    Do not fight it
    Observe it
    Embrace the Death
    For those who shaped its victory
    Death will respect that.

    Lords of Death


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