Shadowlands 9.2 may Actually Restore my Faith in WoW!

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From everything I’ve seen so far, World of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.2 seems to be a major step in the right direction. Very excited for the future of WoW!

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23 thoughts on “Shadowlands 9.2 may Actually Restore my Faith in WoW!”

  1. Hey acco. I believe soul ash will drop from torgast just as soul cinders and the new currency. but that they buff the heck out of the first 2. and the last one you can get from all content in the game. this means tho a new player/alt still needs to do torgast. But i dont think its as big of a problem becouse you have lego recrafting and if its really one or 2 runs to get a soul ash/cider LEGO MAXED.

    the new torgast wing/mode is cosmetic only.

  2. Mounts no longer feel special or unique like they used to in the past. We used to get 3-5 mounts from the whole expansion and most of them were very hard to get, but right now we have over 80 mounts in each expansion and all of them are just re-skins using the same ''skeleton'' model and most are super easy to get. It's no longer feeling rewarding and it feels more like farming them for the sake of having them rather than having a feeling of accomplishment or anything. Also, people used to complain that the mage quest mount from Legion was trash, yet people are now using the re-skin version and it's ok?

  3. Honestly, unless they completely rewrite everything that came since Legion I'm not going back. Story and lore from that point onwards were just… I hated it. Even if they solve everything else, this they cant fix – not without a complete overhaul. And by now, after more than a year, I dont think I'd come back even then so it doesnt matter what they do. At least where I'm concerned.

  4. There was a time i was nerding out hard about wow lore but you know what, game is boring, lore is bad – 0 interest anymore. Titans could be illidans parents and do a circle dance with zooval i dont care it is over. Similar to star wars sequels only that no one really seems to care how quality is going down the drain this expansion. The lore at hand is even worse than wod.

  5. Everyday I'm becoming more and more certain that titans and the first ones are the same thing .
    Eons ago, life, light and order managed to defeat void, death and disorder. Then they created a system that is what we call reality and sent void, death and disorder out of this system . In order for the system to work properly, they also created fake death which is part of the system. However there was a problem. Void and death, despite being out of system, were able to influence what there was in reality. That's how they influenced Sargeras and jailer. Jailer wants to destroy the system to let real death, void and disorder in. First ones are actually what we call titans and they are the same thing. As I said, fake death including archon, sire denathrius and jailer are creations of titans. The question is how jailer is titan ++ then ? That's because jailer has somehow transformed into sth else when void attacked shadowlands. Maybe real death had somehow entered zoaaval body and now what zoaaval is, is actually death inside him. The only source power using which first ones or other ones ( death, void and fel) can rule the universe is azeroth that's why jailer as the agent of real death wants to conquer. Sargeras and jailer are actually betrayers, helping the enemies of titans

  6. I agree that we all have hope for the 9.2 patch, at least for the lore and content. Not that i'll be playing, but i'll watch you and other content creator playing and telling the lore. I'm sadly done playing this game, since the only thing i'm interested in is the lore, and i can get it without playing.

  7. If they make it so the mounts are vehicles with abilities we can craft into the mounts. It would make it more like the GW2 mounts, but with more player agencie e a huge variety of mounts, which is something GW2 doesnt do. It will be Blizzard perfecting something other games does well and making it better. Id love it.


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