Shadowlands Havoc DH | PvP Arena Gameplay [Patch 9.1.5]

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Shadowlands PvP Havoc Demon Hunter WoW Patch 9.1.5
World of Warcraft Shadowlands Arena Gameplay Havoc DH & Balance Druid (DH POV) Necrolord Demon Hunter
00:00:00 Holy Priest & Assassination Rogue
00:02:17 Restoration Shaman & Windwalker Monk
00:04:37 Mistweaver Monk & Havoc Demon Hunter
00:06:16 Restoration Druid & Arms Warrior
00:08:38 Holy Priest & Arms Warrior

I hope you enjoyed the gameplay and the overall commentary.
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4 thoughts on “Shadowlands Havoc DH | PvP Arena Gameplay [Patch 9.1.5]”

  1. Aaaand we're back. Haven't played this patch at all until yesterday. Looks like Havoc got some love this patch. Enjoying it a lot. Hope you like it as well.


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