Shadowlands Mythic+: From Season 3 META to Season 4 – What's changing?

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Shadowlands Mythic+, Season 3 & Season 4: We’re taking stock of all
that happened in Season 3 Mythic META & Popularity while also starting
to compare it with the first few days of Season 4 Mythic+ to see the first
few differences between Seasons!

00:00 End of Season 3, Start of Season 4
01:33 The Popularity in Season 3
05:58 Specs & Classes with Keystone Master
07:37 Rating Needed to be Top100 in your Spec
09:27 Population VS Accessibility
11:02 HIGH LEVEL S3 Meta: Tanks & Heals
12:40 HIGH LEVEL S3 Meta: Ranged & Melee DPS
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12 thoughts on “Shadowlands Mythic+: From Season 3 META to Season 4 – What's changing?”

  1. Took a 6 month break, missing a few tyrannical keys, had to push 17s-19s in fortified last week to get 2500. Hit 2500 90 minutes before season reset.


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