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It’s bound to be a wild week in Warcraft as WoW Classic players transition into Burning Crusade Classic players! I’m here to fill you in on what’s happening when the pre expansion patch drops. Shadowlands activity is looking light this time around but with another PTR build just around the corner you never know!

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13 thoughts on “Shadowlands Week 26: What To Expect – World of Warcraft”

  1. At this point the headline "How to prepare for week 26" made be laugh ultra hard. 😀 There's literally no content worth doing atm. For me the game is more or less unplayable in it's current state, as everything we obtain now will just get replaced in the next patch. Only rly worth doing callings whenever ur stacked on 3 and do em all at once.

  2. The year is 2023. SL has had no new content in years. I go on YouTube. Soul has just uploaded 'what to expect in week 130 of Shadowlands'. I cry myself to sleep.

  3. At this point just do pet battles guides. There's nothing interesting to do. At least it might offers some variety in your channel's content. Shadowlands is sucking harder than BFA did.


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