STOP FAILING Your Crowd Control | WoW Shadowlands PvP Guide

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Diminishing Returns Basics
1:32 – The 6 CC Categories
5:26 – How To Use DR’s To Your Advantage

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19 thoughts on “STOP FAILING Your Crowd Control | WoW Shadowlands PvP Guide”

  1. Abomination's Limb should have some kind of a DR tho, getting grabbed 4 times in a row and randomly destealthed by some hyper-intelligent-all seeing undead arm doesn't sound like there is any logic behind it.

  2. Lately the VoiceOver sounds far away and dull/deadened. I'm not sure what changed but it was a recent change — it would be nice if the VoiceOver was easier to hear since that's 99% of the content. Love the content though! 🙂


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