The TRUE Story of Arthas as FORGOTTEN By Steve Danuser!

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The story of Arthas Menethil in World of Warcraft and Shadowlands forgot our beloved Prince.

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———————— Chapters ————————
0:00 – Intro
3:13 – The Plague
5:16 – The Great Turning Point
9:07 – The Journy North
11:34 – The Great Unknown
15:30 – OutTakes



27 thoughts on “The TRUE Story of Arthas as FORGOTTEN By Steve Danuser!”

  1. I just tell myself that after we nullified the effects Sargeras's sword, that all was right with the world again and the Warcraft saga is at that point over.

  2. When you want so badly to write your own story you fail to see the best opportunity in front of you to show , your own story is worth looking forward to.

  3. Thank you Acco! I had almost given up on getting your lore back, but you realize you could do this with all our "old" lore…we would absolutely love it. This is why we watch you. This is the WoW that we know and love.

  4. It's still fun to admire the irony. They want Arthas to be forgotten, yet it was on his iconic legacy from which the Shadowlands was marketed on. It is a Wrath Classic server we will see soon enough. It will be his very sister Calia and his Kingdom Lordaeron that new stories will be based on invoking memories of the fallen Prince. And it will inevitably be his name that is invoked when WoW is hoping to save their dwindeling player base for nostalgia as all franchises and entertainment media understand when desperate. Yet, it will be the Shadowlands that is forgotten.

  5. Great coverage. Arthas was my favorite character. They should have just let him be with WoTLK and never had the Shadowlands expansion come to be. The Shadowlands should have remained an obscure place Death Knights tap into for a speed buff.

  6. Loved this Acco. Makes me reminisce on my WC3 days as well as the 1st time I ventured into the plague lands. Then of course Wotlk.

    You should do this to other destroyed beloved stories from wow. Reminds me of early Nobbel.

    Cheers to you both!

  7. I've wept a good number of times over what Danuser did to the Arthas/Lich King arc. It was so bad, I had to sell my bnet of 13 years even for just a measly $350 because it felt vile having it and I wanted to violate their ToS. I know it won't hurt Blizzard one bit, but I don't care. I had to take that swing at them fuckers for what they did to Warcraft that I was a fan of from 1997 to 2021. That anger will never go away for as long as that miscreant Steve Danuser shit lives.

  8. Arthas has always been an example of the ultimate "tragic hero", much like Macbeth. I have always loved the moral greyness of tragic heroes, and I loved the way you explained why remembering him as such is important to the overall narrative, and why treating him as just another bad guy for the sake of bad the way Zovaal was written is such a betrayal of the original story. This was great.

  9. They did Uther dirty too. Uther threw him in the maw… If even Uther can be broken to this extent… then what hope would anyone else have?
    It's as if they're trying to write a dark DC Joker story, "all it takes is one bad day" and even the most virtuous character can do a 180. If that was their intent, then GG, they achieved it.

    "My son. The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name, Arthas. My child. I watched you with pride, as you grew into a weapon. Of rightousness. Remember, our line has always ruled with wisdom, and strength. And I know that you will show restraint, when exercising your great power. But the truest victory, my son, is stirring the hearts of your people. I tell you this, for when my days have come to and end. You, shall be king…"

    I cant thank you enough for this video, Accolonn!! Its a monument to what WoW once was, with the hope to be again great in the future…

    Also, i really liked how you spoke about the hard decision to purge Stratholme, the turning point for him. You spoke about the burden he had as a Prince and future King of these lands, something that the rest, probably, could not 100% understand. You tried to step into Arthas' shoes, and not be just a cold narrative! Great job m8! You made justice of our Fallen Prince…!

    He will NEVER be forgotten, nor his life as a ruler that wanted so much to help his people that finally crossed the line and doomed himself, and thousands more… A trully tragic story that surely deserved way more than what the heck we saw in Shadowlands! Arthas' lore was the "Golden Egg" for Blizz!


  11. Zovaal was not in control of Arthas he was just truly evil at this point, I wish during the Maw intro that we met with Mathias Lehner that would have been super interesting to see the difference between him and Arthas

  12. Oh my gods! This was glorious. Blizzard would do well to have their writing team run their stories through you. Hoping that doing this video inspires you to do other lore reminders. I really enjoyed this.


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