What's the best Sub Rogue Legendary (Shadowlands guide)

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(Down until iโ€™m high rated in Shadowlands!)

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40 thoughts on “What's the best Sub Rogue Legendary (Shadowlands guide)”

  1. I understood Akari's to mean you get an automatic shadowstrike applied 2 secs later at 1/4 the damage it normally does…that's what I thought they meant by 25% effectiveness….so wouldn't it just be a free little DPS with the combo points that comes with as well?

  2. This was a great overview, btw loved rs references , rs player here too. I think though, its so easy to get a legendary, every 2 weeks you can make a new one, and just rotate them. Honestly, you could have all 3, akaris, Fragment and finality. It wouldnt matter since you only lose a few base stats with the ilevel upgrades. So maybe rushing all 3 would be meta, if you plan to participate in everything.

  3. Palumor, which legendary do you think is a safe first pick for mythic+ and raiding and a little bit of pvp also? I was thinking about getting finality to be honest but your pick on Akari kinda confused me!

  4. Hey Palumor! Just boosted a Rogue to 50 today. Actually im a Lock Main since Legion but the current state of Lock is just meeeh… Thank you for all of your Videos! The Guides are super helpfull!
    I just realised how hard it is to perfectly play a Rogue and what insane plays u can make as an Rogue. Thinking about switching to Rogue as a Main since the playstyle looks way more fun and challenging as the Lock one. I will watch every of your Shadowlands Videos and hope I can get my first Gladiator Title with it!
    Keep up the good content and im hyped for new videos from you <3

  5. Palumor – Mark of Master Assassin. Think of that opener you did a video on ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kyrian Ability, Evisverate and Marked for Death eviscerate all critical hits + any white swings, poisons, or on use trinkets. It's killing people within the first Cheap Shot.

  6. So many problems with this system. There is clearly the "Go to" legendary. Yet you won't even bother trying any other legy because you are time gated behind soul ash. You use Finality for everything. Or if you are just pure only single target, like PvP and that's it, then it's Akaari's. Everything else is just troll, and Blizzard punishes those players who pick anything other than one of those 2 legendaries, because Soul Ash is time gated and in limited supply.

  7. Love the videos bud – great great content.
    Iam gonna use MA mainly for mythic+ so I was wondering if you ever want crit on your gear, it should be the go to stat from what ive read. But it become "useless" with MA, right?

  8. My reason for going master assassin is i can hopefully force trinket + defensive in the opener without shadow blades, letting me use it for my second burst instead. Any thoughts on that?

    Also gr8 video btw

  9. Appreciate the video. With regards to mark of assassin, if you symbol pre-opener, open with a MFD 5 pt kidney, you can get 2 SS and an Evisc off in the window. Not sure that gives it more weight, but symbols and shadowblades are off GCD and shouldnt factor in to a GCD

  10. I hardly lost any arena with Master Assassin legendary, it is really good! Though, can't wait to check out Akaari next week (Hope Skoldus is up next in Torghast).

  11. I kinda doubled my killing blow count in battlegrounds after I put mark of the assassin. Its also great for torghast where you can stealth all the time, world content, mythic+

  12. The Rotten would be pretty good if it worked with all combo generating abilities (like the crit part of Symbols). Imagine a guaranteed crit Echoing Reprimand with 30% increased damage and full combo points after using it.


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