WOW How to fly in Shadowlands

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How to Fly in Shadowlands –
Step 1 – If you have been following along the shadowlands story and your covenant campaign you should have noticed your renown level and how it increases upon completing certain activities (Completing world quests, defeating dungeon bosses, defeating raid bosses, conquering your foes in arenas and battlegrounds etc.). The first thing you need to do to unlock flying is raise your renown level to 44 and complete your covenant campaign.
Step 2 – The next step is following on in the shadowlands story by starting the Chains of Domination Campaign. This time however you do not need to complete every chapter. You actually only need to complete the first 4 chapters which are: Battle of Ardenweald, Maw Walkers, Focusing the Eye and The Last Sigil.

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00:00 Give Those Legs a Break
00:59 Prerequisites to Shadowlands Flying
01:20 how to Fly in Shadowlands Guide
04:50 Chapter 1 – Battle of Ardenweald
07:20 Chapter 2 – Maw Walkers
10:55 Chapter 3 – Focusing the Eye
14:45 Chapter 4 – Shadowlands Flying
20:00 Congratulations you can Fly in Shadowlands

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WOW How to fly in Shadowlands

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  1. Awesome video! Crack on dude! Nice to know: If you have 2 accounts linked to your Blizzard account you don't need to do this on both wow accounts as this is a Battlenet account unlock.


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