7 best transmog farms (+100k gold/h) | Mailbox opening | Shadowlands Gold Farming

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In this video I will show you 7 best outdoor transmog farms. This video will be the first video which will have mailbox opening, and I will do mailbox opening every Monday to show you how much gold I made and how.
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Macro for farm #1:
/target grey
/use sunfire
Macro for farm #2:
/target craz
/use sunfire
Macro for farm #3:
/target den
/use sunfire
Macro for farm #6:
/target twi
/use sunfire
Macro for farm #7:
/use sunfire
0:00 Transmog goal
1:11 Mailbox opening
3:52 Farm #1
5:04 Farm #2
5:35 Farm #3
6:28 Farm #4
7:34 Farm #5
8:23 Farm #6
9:02 Farm #7
9:42 Special thanks
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