Assassination Buffed Again…Viable? – Shadowlands – World of Warcraft

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Assassination has been buffed yet again! Showcasing exactly how bad blizzards balancing has been!! What does it mean in terms of damage numbers?

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7 thoughts on “Assassination Buffed Again…Viable? – Shadowlands – World of Warcraft”

  1. I swapped over to mainly PVP because I was having the WORST RNG with loot drops. Sadly the lackluster status of Rogue isn't exclusive to PVE. It's been tough sticking to the grind when other classes can pump way harder with way less effort. But I'm glad there's still content creators keeping Team Rogue in the know.

  2. I played assa for several years now and so I did since Sl launch. And yes, it was pretty horrible at times. I even tried out outlaw a bit, was surprisingly fun, but not half as much as assa. I even missed my first ever mythic kill in my guild since I joined (early WOD). Sadly, rogue got no good utility for the raid and even played almost only orange logs, it still wasn't enough. Balance was never so far from each other since I play the game.

    So I am really happy to see assa going up again. If it is "just" an average spec – fine by me tbh. Would be cooler for rogue as a class to have raidutility.

    The aura buffs you will feel more in m+ than in raid, which is where we needed it even more. In pure single target you got about 20% autohitdmg and your 5% ability buff isn't even a 4% dmg increase, where it does much more effect in mt like m+. So, m+ is still fun as assa imo, but only if your tank let's you restealth. Luckely, I can't think of any new affix that hold you infight irony off xx

    But, to sum up: I agree that everyone, who likes the spec, should try it out now. I even had fun with it in PvP, but only in 3v3 and with a good healer. Burst is lackluster, but sustain dmg was quite good and that was pre-5% buff now. The healreduce (and slow) with master poisoner is no joke and is able to put good pressure! =)

    Infexious, if you're reading this: One thing i would like to know is how the statweights of the 3 roguespecs compare to each other. I would do myself, but.. outlaw weapon is very weak and sub I do know almost nothing about, always despised the spec kinda ^^'
    So, if you would go for a video with that topic I would be really grateful, I don't know any roguechannel who does this. Some information on how well gearing and stats work for the 3 specs would be interesting to me.
    Yesterday, I started comparing with some guildies, more likely hunters, warris, dh, monks etc, because of weapon dmg as a variable. First one is dh, and for st I can proudly say: statweightwise Assa is not as bad as them! xD

    Thanks for content, great as always! <3


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