BACK TO BACK WEAPONS! – WoW Shadowlands 9.0.2 Reset Day Loot #7

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I can’t believe this happened… we managed to get back to back Weapons from the Great Vault… LET’S GO!!!! I must either be extremely lucky on my characters or the chance of getting a Weapon from the Great Vault has significantly increased. This weeks loot was really good though, we got upgrades across the board and managed to get a Weapon on my Monk which is great. However guys, if you enjoyed today’s video then make sure you leave a like, comment down below letting me know what you have been up to and what your main is in Shadowlands, and subscribe to the channel in order to see more like this, thanks all… PEACE! :DD
Here are the Timestamps:

Monk: 1:14
Paladin: 4:16
Warrior: 5:50
Warlock (Main): 10:01
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1 thought on “BACK TO BACK WEAPONS! – WoW Shadowlands 9.0.2 Reset Day Loot #7”

  1. Hey guys, I hope you got some awesome loot from the Great Vault this week! Also, what have you been up to recently? Have you been playing WoW? If so, what is your main in Shadowlands? 😀


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