Elemental Shaman Mythic+ Guide Season 3 Shadowlands

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00:00 Introduction
00:48 Talents
01:10 Covenants
01:46 Conduits
02:47 Stats
04:15 Gear
05:41 Gameplay
09:06 Final Thoughts

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10 thoughts on “Elemental Shaman Mythic+ Guide Season 3 Shadowlands”

  1. thanks for vid , ur a hero, will be watching ur stream for sure. Randon question. How do u feel enhance are doing right now for keys ?

  2. i really must be doing something wrong tbh. my Ele shaman is ilvl 277 and im not hitting the numbers im seeing you do in Mythic+ keys. i do admit i need a bit more crit but it shouldnt be the main factor for me. my dps is trash in keys sadly lol

  3. If you summon your SE and hold your Fae Transfusion until Uhr dies, and then cast it, the you can basically reset the CD of your SE and extend it. I do that when I can and have a +1 min storm elemental uptime. Is that something you do? or just cast fae transfusion on cd?


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