Everything Coming In The Shadowlands Pre-Patch (GUIDE)

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+++ Chapters +++

Intro: 0:00
Level Squish & Character Changes: 0:54
New Customization: 7:19
Pre-Patch Event: 9:14


35 thoughts on “Everything Coming In The Shadowlands Pre-Patch (GUIDE)”

  1. Thank you for the video, this was very helpful in deciding to come back to the game. Question for you, the Allied Races, are we able to unlock them now without the reputation grinds or do we have to wait till pre-patch to do the quest?

  2. Can someone explain to a noob like me who returning when the prepatch is released: How do I unlock the allied races if I don't have a char to begin with? Do I need to level a char first and do the quests? What level are the quests for? Are they hard?

  3. Not liking what I see. Strongly considering not renewing my sub. Change is fine, but this totally changes the game I currently enjoy. Might have been better if all the level squishing and game mechanics mods begin when one reaches Level 120.

  4. For any of this to matter the game has to actually work again… Pre patch has broken so many things, including even having characters on your login screen half the time… I think I will go play early access BG3 for a few months and come back to WoW when they fix all the bugs they just created…


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