Gold Talk WoW Shadowlands Highpop or Lowpop ? where should you play ?

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Hey Guys Grapemint here today i wanna tackle a Age old question about Goldmaking in World of Warcraft. Where should you play on. Low pop Realms High po Realms or even Rp Realms ? you Can Make a lot of Gold and Get really rich on every kind of Server! So today we talk about just that and how i see it!

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5 thoughts on “Gold Talk WoW Shadowlands Highpop or Lowpop ? where should you play ?”

  1. I'm on Silvermoon EU and i tried to get into end game crafting to make money but the profits aren't worth the time imo only about 5g even when crafting the new bags, I've always farmed transmog etc on Silvermoon aswell but none of the higher priced items sell. Starting to think about switching servers also as all the prices are ruined and nothing is selling but i don't want to have the issue of getting even less sales when I move, its a hard decision really

  2. Nice content as always, tbh i like trading mainly on a high pop realm for legys and stuff and have something up on the AH on my low/medium pop realm characters. For legys high pop is insane, both sellrate and competition. So if u have a fck ton of time high pop is sick šŸ˜€ nice to see a fellow german guy putting out english content šŸ™‚

  3. This was awesome – such a comprehensive answer. Thankyou! I remember some old gold makers called Trax who used to say have one of everything on the auction house. While taking that with a pinch of salt and combining it with what you said it would make sense. All of gold making is a numbers game in the sense of more items = More potential purchases. I had a bunch of transmog on this medium server 800 items worth collectively about 4.5 mil (or so TSM says). As well as having all the professions for current content, could you combine that with old world transmog items to really bring in the big bucks? I'm worried I'll go through all the effort to get the reps and craft the old world content and then it just sits on the AH for a few months. What's your experience with old world content? (I know you've got your low level starting from scratch series that touches on this!). P.s – do you have a discord? Would be great to chat with you and others who like gold making!


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