HUGE Buff to PvP Trinket Set Bonus | WoW Shadowlands Beta

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On the WoW shadowlands beta, the pvp 2 set trinket bonus got a MASSIVE buff! I think this is a super healthy change for arena because it gives people a choice between a more consistent damage & damage mitigation profile, more burst with a damage trinket from PvE, or a defensive bonus via a cheat death trinket. What do you guys think? Let me know below!

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5 thoughts on “HUGE Buff to PvP Trinket Set Bonus | WoW Shadowlands Beta”

  1. The versatility bonus only includes the damage and healing portion of versatility. It does not include the defensive portion of it. Unless pve trinkets get nerfed further in pvp, it's still not going to matter. The damage buff from vers is consistent damage, which will mean little when the pve burst trinkets can 100-0 someone in seconds.


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