I Have A NEW MAIN In Shadowlands Season 4 PvP…

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23 thoughts on “I Have A NEW MAIN In Shadowlands Season 4 PvP…”

  1. It always seems that when I check out the pvp scene in WoW monks are always powerful. Seems they are nasty alone and even more wild when supported with a good group.

  2. sl one of the most demotivation addon for me as an casual pvp freak :), i was so close to try pve stuff :P, but i love pvp to much. I dont like this one shot stuff 1 sec games, there is no fun. I hope in dragonflight it will be better, if not i write instant canditature for echon and pve 🙂

  3. Just imagine for a Second you play Monk you have basically 3 Charges Roots Breaker top CC dubble Stun can fly across the whole Map have Heals,Karma,Touch of Karma ^^ and now you see Talents of Warriors in Df and all you have to do is Shit on them the first 1 Minute they get released in early,early,early Alpha pretty sad to be honest but what ever some People are simple Haters..


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