I'M OUT! New Sylvanas Cinematic SHOCKS Accolonn

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The new Sylvanas Cinematic marking the end of World of Warcraft Shadowlands called Sylvanas Judgement. Accolonn Reacts to the WoW Sylvanas Cinematic

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22 thoughts on “I'M OUT! New Sylvanas Cinematic SHOCKS Accolonn”

  1. How the hell is sylvanas supposed to save anyone from the maw? Arent we the 'maw walker'???? If people can just leave and/or save souls, what were we doing in there? lol this is so bad

  2. They mess up even the book, blizzard did me a favor by fu$&cking sh!t up now I have time to play Elden Ring
    I’ll always love Sylvanas tho

  3. I was thinking ass a lowest my self,that may be she is going in the mow to get nathanos info she needs to take down the big bad .well I can only hope . But you are right the move was not well and making every person mad at it. I liked the Covent story’s all 4 of them they made sense. So story good to renown 40 after that they lost me . Getting all 4 Covent to 80 each one secret from each other,and the now.I going wtf is happening. Not a happy panda.I will all way love my dark lady now and for Eva.

  4. They literally act as if Sylvanis burning the tree was the only thing she did. Not to mention her sisters were there… no one said anything?! Tyrande only cares about the souls that Elune sent down, a plan elune had made in advance knowing that it would burn. Or did they change that too?

  5. With Pelagos I kind of looked at it as the reason he was screwing everything up was because he had a higher purpose waiting for him. Pelagos didn't bother me so much as the jailer and sylvannas.

  6. One of the most confusing parts for me is why did at NO point Sylvanas' sisters try to argue for her sake. Like they are both there watching this happen to their sister and not saying a fucking peep. I mean cmon man it's her sisters, no matter what she did they'd still 100% not want to see her condemned or executed and they seem totally fine with it. And I'm not even taking into account here that she's arguably innocent since she was you know 'not herself' somehow. Even irl murderers have gotten more compassion than what Sylvanas got here, everybody just acting like she's a used rag to be discarded and not a character that has fucking 15 years of lore and attachments to the story….

  7. Good God why are all of you reactors such whiners. All I hear is a bunch of babies complain how they could have done better, it's not what they wanted, it not how it should have happened. Dear Lord sorry not everything happens the way everyone thought they wanted. If all you want is to complain and bitch then go get a job at Blizzard and take over the story department.


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