Insane Rogue Dashing Frost DPS Build 9.1- Shadowlands Guide – World of Warcraft

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Nerfs are coming and these gems were already best for Assassination. This build seems mad, healing people and doing insane crit procs. Some pulls it seems to be top damage just because it procs so much. Let the dust settle and we will see what happens.

Unholy sim

Frost Sim

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7 thoughts on “Insane Rogue Dashing Frost DPS Build 9.1- Shadowlands Guide – World of Warcraft”

  1. ► ► Twitch: ◄ ◄ Monday to friday legends!! come….one of us, one of us, one of us!
    New build soon? New guide soon? Can't answer questions on the shards right now until we know what blizzard is going to do. Id say spend embers and deal with the problem later but safe bet is to store embers till we see whats up. Thats a lot of DPS currency your sitting on though… good system <3

  2. I guess it's only viable for Venthyr's. Also, are you staying Venthyr for now or you'll return to Necro? I'm necro currently, and don't wanna swap either as I love me some Spikes. Is Venthyr that much better or I'm fine as Necro for semi hardcore mythic progression?

    Thanks for the content as always, you're my go-to rogue youtuber now that I rerolled from Fury. 😀


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