Jet Pilots do NOT make this mistake – AVOID IT at all costs!

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17 thoughts on “Jet Pilots do NOT make this mistake – AVOID IT at all costs!”

  1. I agree – aviation has been my passion since young and I have been working towards achieving my goal of becoming a military aviator since age 12, when I joined the ATC. Ive been building my application since. I have flown solo in a glider, gained aeronautical and instructor qualifications etc. It would be devastating to be rejected in favour of a 26 year old who applied late simply because they lacked self esteem. I think that's one of the reasons the RAF often reject young people – only the most determined will come back and reapply.

  2. Im 21 now, Ive always wanted to be a Pilot in the RAF. I've been studying Aerospace engineering and have always been a massive aircraft guy. Weather it be flying them in the simulators or, trying to make models of them, watching videos etc. My life has been plagued with ups and downs and general problems that have barred me from having a chance to get into things like the UAS. But watching you video now, though I only have 2 or so years left to even try to get into the RAF or even Naval Air wing, you've given me some inspiration to keep trying hard to get in. I failed my last UAS application due to also "not being much of a teamplayer" but COVID and many other factors prevented me from applying sooner which was a huge bummer to me. Watching your videos ever since a few days ago has given me more hope. Many thanks

  3. There are no seats. 67Million people, and you have MAYBE 200 EF seats, and maybe 48 F35 parking lot princesses. 7 years of training in a broken hawk training program.
    What a fascinating mess πŸ™

  4. Problem is, I'm your generation, a few years older actually, and I'm female. In my generation (and in the famliy where I grew up too) the notion that a woman may even want to fly military airplanes, or want to be in the military was rather unthinkable. So even when as a young teen some media made me find military airplanes extremely cool (the first contact was the Black Sheep TV show), that did not translate to a notion, that could be something I could be doing (where I live the military pilot path for women opened up around 2000). Didn't live near any place where seeing the more cool types of aviation live was possible either, while airline piloting held and holds no interest for me. So yes, you can develop an interest in something like military aviation at an age when it's just too late, when you crossed that out as an option for yourself on your mental map at a young age because of xyz causes. And that's just as legitimate as if you allow yourself to follow that interest at age 10. There just is a time when it's too late. You also will not become a professional ballet dancer, piano player, soccer player if you don't start at an appropriately young age.
    But if you are borderline age to apply. By all means, give it a try, even if you have a 99.99 chance of not getting there. Hell, maybe there is a medical or other reason why they wouldn't have taken you besides your age.

  5. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot from the age of 3 and it took me until I was 62 to get the licence. I never wanted anything else and I absolutely love it. But the point is, IT WAS HARD WORK. Even for a guy who has waited 60 years to achieve a dream, it was a slog. So – be prepared to work at it – it will take a lot of effort.

  6. Tim, you’re bang on with the age thing. I did 6yrs as a techie working on Tornado EW, finally went to OASC after trying to get my CO’s support since trade training and passed all the aptitude scores for pilot, but called in to be debriefed and was told that at 23 it made me borderline for pilot and as my score for Navigator was so high too, I was strongly suggested to drop pilot for Nav, which is what I did. That was back in 1989 and the competition is even tougher now.


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