Patch 9.2 Has Gotten New A PvP Announcement: New Arenas And Solo Que Added! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5

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21 thoughts on “Patch 9.2 Has Gotten New A PvP Announcement: New Arenas And Solo Que Added! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5”

  1. New arenas can’t be bad.
    Solo que is nice.
    On paper, 9.2 shapes up quite nice so far.

    Edit: after watching more, the solo queue details are worrying. Don’t automatically end a game when 1 enemy dies, that’s stupid. The 6 matches stuff.. eh, too early to tell

  2. The shuffling just isn't a good idea.
    If a player were to leave early, due to toxicity or flame, it would ruin the experience for everyone.
    Shuffling to avoid bad matchups isn't a fix, if you consider that 1 player can have many bad matchups, and the other player many good ones, it doesn't fix RNG.
    Sticking with a best of 1 system will mean sometimes you have an advantageous team, sometimes not. That's fine, it affects everyone and will balance out over a lot of games (look at MOBAs)

  3. whilst some of these changes are cool, i assume the mind numbing honour grind is still prevalent? END of the xpac and this issue STILL persists lol, if next xpac hasn't addressed this its the nail in the coffin for me. Adding inconvenience and time consuming activities isn't the same as producing content, just because it takes longer to do, you haven't added in 'more' content, it just takes longer to complete.

  4. Dont get me wrong i appreciate them implementing a solo que system, but why the brawl. Just add a simple seperate system from normal rated pvp, where you can solo que 2s 3s and maybe also rbgs. I know all of my friends would Come back i a heartbeat with solo que arenas. We just simply dont have the time it takes to sit in lfg.

  5. Feels like a band-aid fix (the glue will wear off, band-aid will fall off and the wound that is festering will not be addressed). Casuals are completely dead, hence the 7-9min queue times for random battlegrounds. The rating tied to gear has, and still is pushing the casuals away.

  6. So my account got silenced for 7 days preventing me from queing/talking to anyone for 1 week for "spamming WTS FLASK OF POWER 50G CHEAPER THAN AH" outside the AH in org and that was the last straw for me. Bots are allowed to spam everything on trade chat rendering it useless so when i try to sell prof stuff to make gold i get punished for it, fuck you blizzard.

  7. i want to see/ask if they gonna do someting when 1 leave because yeah 1 leave and he becomes the last player but then the game became 2v3 or 1 of the 3 would be outside the fight until the fight ends so the game became 2v2

  8. so they are not doing anything in pvp for 9.2. because solo q isnt the issue. new skins for the maps is not the issue, absolutely god awful balance is the issue and solo q will simply magnify that with rogues sitting in the top 900-1000 ranks.


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