Region-Wide Auctions in Patch 9.2.7! | My Initial thoughts | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide

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This video goes over the new PTR 9.2.7 changes that were just released on Thursday Night (6/30/22). They announced a Semi Region Wide Auction House meaning that Commodities are region wide while Armor, Weapons and other items stay realm wide. In this video I go over my initial thoughts and first impression on this news. Let me know what you think!

This video was recorded at 8:40pm EST on 6/30, so if there are any developments in the news that were not talked about in this video, that is why.

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22 thoughts on “Region-Wide Auctions in Patch 9.2.7! | My Initial thoughts | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide”

  1. I have played MMO with region-wide aggregated market, which are Guild Wars 2 and Lost Ark. The thing that i hate most about those markets is that the invisible hand is a bit too op, making crafting margin extremely low, or in some case non-existing (unless the item requires a soulbound material that is really hard to farm).

  2. if they leave rare things like pets and mogg and mounts server specific, i dont think it'll hurt the economy at all. and things like raid mats will be equalized so it doesnt just simply get too expensive to raid on a low pop server. so overall i think its probably a good thing. and it still leaves room to corner server markets

  3. i got a question: does anyone believe wow token prices will drop (at least a small percentage) due to the market balancing out? it would help balance out the gold loss from the huge competition.

  4. I remember when they combined AH for factions. As a player of the smaller faction my profits skyrocketed. I suddenly had 10x the potential buyers, even with the added competition I simply sold more stuff. Having the whole region as potential customer will be great.

  5. blizzard wants us to spamm callings on 50 alts all day, bacus thats the only way u can have fun wirh. im really mad. this kills the game big time for me. my low pop sever had stuff i could only do there , nor im stuck with so few options, this will get boring real fast. at least i can dump my banks now for 10% but all at once wooo hooo, ima buy samll egal and fill 25 gildbanks with it. idk why, need to do something with my life

  6. I don't get why Blizzard doesn't just do some major mergers between realms, they've done that in the past to fix issues like this and it's worked, why reinvent the game now?

  7. So, I've seen enough and can say it's a very good change. However, what I'm noticing is the folks who don't have warm feelings for this are just gold farmers. As in they don't play the game, they just play the AH. Which is still the game, I mean I only play AH right now waiting on DF. But, I don't see how players getting cheaper pots, flasks could be bad for the game. Bad for gold makers who relied on inflated prices due to control of their market? Sure, it's def bad for them. But, for the health of the game it's a win. Hopefully…

  8. It's bad for anyone that actually makes gold through the AH. People that are defending it are honestly delusional. Mathematically, it makes the AH severely less profitable since "commodities" still make up a large chunk, if not all, of beginner gold-makers profits. People that are sitting on 100 million gold won't notice or care about this. People with 200k have no hopes of seeing those numbers. It's a terrible, stupid change that makes no sense.

  9. this is huge news. i can't understand why. maybe make it easier for whales. the changes are dictated by people who pay cash for tokens. i assume this is a move to one ah , one across americas. this helps the whales. doesn't helping farming, farming is dead.

  10. There's no reason to buy out the auction house in an attempt to corner the market in set your own price anymore at all. Even if you were a big enough goblin to afford such a purchase, good luck flipping all the materials that you bought before every single server can repopulate the auction house with more mats.

    Honestly if you tried to do that after they implement this. You'd probably see the auction house start filling up with more mats for sale immediately after you buy out the auction house and haven't even picked up your mail yet.

    I honestly wish they had taken it a step further and made the auction houses global then not even the bots would be able to keep up

  11. doesnt this also mean i can easy transfer gold and commodity items between my toons on different realms? like i could send 200 protofibre to another realm toon by posting it for a slightly higher gold, buying it with my other toon, then that toon posts one item for that sum of gold then go back to my first toon and buy that one item. So blizz might as well allow me to just be able to post mail between the realms.

  12. Thank you for explaining as many of the pro's and con's of the semi-regional AH coming to Retail WoW in patch 9.2.7 This will definitely changes things in many if not all of the ways you have predicted in your video.

    I hope if this brings the market crashes for crafting mats to all servers that enough of the real human community will be able to communicate the frustration to the game that it might be able to be addressed.

  13. Wonder how SLOW it will be to post items on the AH will be now. It is not just 1 AH for a server. It will be all the servers going into 1 AH. So there will be more players posting to 1 AH…

    Wouldn't that make a funnel of players to 1 AH have problems keeping it up?

  14. Before I get into addressing the actual issue at hand, I have to say that you are the most calm and measured ranter I've ever heard. I sound like I'm an angry mob boss ordering the massacre of my opposition in a movie when I rant, and you sound normal. LOL! I'm not surprised, you always sound cool as a cucumber with your phenomenally even tone. Your voice is very well suited for voice-overs.

    Okay, now to the opinion bit. I think you're right that this is going to hurt in the short term. For the end of SL it's going to wreck things on low population realms. However, I suspect that it is telegraphing the design decision to have the ordering system be region-wide, so once Dragonflight drops, the current content non-commodities will be on the same region-wide setup as the commodities, thereby leveling the market on all realms. The result of that is that it's going to be harder to be a big goblin. You will need to hyper-focus on a crafting niche and become the best in the region at it (making it plausible for people to literally seek you out specifically because you create the highest quality items, and therefore can charge higher prices). That's my working theory for now (I could go on speculating the motivations for this move at Blizzard, but it really doesn't matter, it's the reality of playing the game right now, so we just have to deal with it or go play something else). My hypothesis could be totally wrong there, and I'm ready for the barrage of rotten produce to be flung my way. lol


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