Shadowlands 9.1 *SPOILERS* – Whispers of the EVERLIVING Darkness …

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New Whispers were just Datamined for World of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. Could this potentially change everything we’ve learnt so far in WoW Shadowlands?

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21 thoughts on “Shadowlands 9.1 *SPOILERS* – Whispers of the EVERLIVING Darkness …”

  1. I think they are not build but they are made to stone. everliving or living statue are people who make themself a statue as a artform. So they are a statue by choice?

  2. I think Elune escaped the reordering. If the Winter Queen can't remember why her sister left, only that she left, that tracks. I do think Elune is her ACTUAL sister. Not just a pantheon sister. She's the only one who appears to care about her absence. For some reason I feel like the "sisters" are actually native to a different Pantheon, and wouldn't be surprised in Eonar is also their sister. A theory that's been popping in and out of focus is that perhaps they are pulling inspiration from the 7 Sisters, or the Pleiades. That whisper about the seventh wanting what the other six hold fast could be something that won't unfold for another couple of expansions. Perhaps during a Life-heavy expansion.

  3. If you think about it accolonn, azeroth really doesn't have any sort of death , we've always technically been able to easily come back to life VIA spirit healers and other things that can't particularly remember but as players we never actually experience death so maybe they digging into the lore of why us as champions never actually die

  4. Just putting it out there: are there not six known Broker cartels? They could be said to be ‘trees’ insomuch as they appear hierarchical?
    Probably too much late night thinking…

  5. This reminds me of the whole Nzoth whispering theories, which all turned out to be red herrings as Blizzard completely changed positions on what they were doing and reduced the Old Gods to just mobs to whack for loot and not how they originally were written.

  6. My theory on sixth tree: World trees are not the only treea In Chronicle Vol 1 pg 122-124 the story is told about Fandral Staghelm planting 6 branches from Nordrassil. They would be called the great trees. The last (sixty) grew and was Named Andrassil and later renamed Vordrassil. This is the great tree in Grizzly Hills that was cut down. Since the tree was felled it is tough to say this works out for the quote but warrants some investigation.

  7. The seventh could refer to a seventh cosmic force we havent seen yet, the fulcrum wavers means the thing that balances everything is failing, if there is a seventh power it would have no opposite to keep it in check

  8. @ the last whisper:

    Weren't we kind of on the track of the Arbiter likely being a construct only introduced into the SL later, likely after Zo'Vaal´s Betrayal, and therefore not necessarily an actual Eternal One? Or did I miss th confirmation that the Arbiter is 100% an eternal one somewhere along the road?

    Therefore, I´m wondering if the 6 that hold fast might not actually be the cosmic powers themselves, and not the eternal ones of the Shadowlands + Elune, as without thw Arbiter there are only 6.

    But then, if it is the cosmic powers, who do in fact very much "hold fast" to their ideals, who or what is the seventh…. ?

    Is it possibly whoever created all the "hooded statues"? I.E. a Force /Entity we have not yet directly encountered, possibly one much more primal than the 6 Cosmic forces themselves, such as the First ones? Or possibly the Clockmaker (who would theoretically, as the Creator of all, also by extension have the power to undo everything simply by tweaking a variable here and there….)? Or an as of now still undiscovered entity of similar importance and power?

    Maybe the Seventh is even Azeroth, and that´s why it´s better for her to stay imprisoned in her sleep, because when she wakes up she will consume everything….. And the Shadowlands is the Fulcrum… when the SL completely stops to function as it does /should, the entire cycle of life and death breaks, the sleep ends, and Kablooie: Everything ends…. 😉

  9. Pertaining to the first whisper, I'm honestly surprised you missed this "Five keys to open the way. Five torches to light our path" -Il'gynoth

    so the hidden flame on a 6th tree, maybe recalling a hidden 6th torch


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