Shadowlands Balance Druid Class Guide Pt 1 – Talents, Rotation, Gameplay, and Stats.

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Checking out my stuff helps a lot. I hope you guys enjoy the video and I will see you for Pt 2. 😀 Part 2 will be coming out tomorrow!

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Intro 00:00
Gameplay 01:16
Talents 02:56
Rotation 09:37
Stats 15:47
Outro 16:45


10 thoughts on “Shadowlands Balance Druid Class Guide Pt 1 – Talents, Rotation, Gameplay, and Stats.”

  1. Is it gonna be worth to time your cast at the end of any Eclipse (assuming you will reach about 90 AP when entering the next) to finish right as the eclipse ends, to be only 1 cast away form the next eclipse, as the actual cast time is quicker when you start it in the correct eclipse. It should just reduce your time outside of eclipse. The downside of this is that you lose the Mastery bonus on one cast. I also found out you need be at about 85 AP after the cast that gets you into eclipse, as solstice reliably procs SS to give you that extra 5 or so AP to cast your 3rd Starsurge.

  2. Why would I Starsurge after 2xWrath in the ST opener? Isn't the goal to reach 90 AP as quickly as possible to start CA? Or is there a possibility of overcapping while applying DoTs without that SS?
    Also 7:09: forgot to mention 33% toe increase, literally unwatchable! /s


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