Shadowlands: Best Melee DPS for Raids

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Havoc Demon Hunter
1:21 Rogue
2:02 Death Knight
2:57 Honorable Mentions

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Video’s Used: Demon Hunter Quick Look, Frost DK Quick Look, Sub Rogue Quick Look

My Character:

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3 thoughts on “Shadowlands: Best Melee DPS for Raids”

  1. Kool video decided to pick up Dh just recently and having tons of fun with it, was mostly ranged and heals but I think I'm gonna main a Dh in SL. Although they have been getting nerfed I feel like the conduits will bring them back to the top.

  2. Not so long ago, they nerfed pretty bad the rogues and the build with obliterate of the dks and monks WW got buff recently, i also want to consider shaman enhancement for the totem and the bloodlust, they are not in a bad spot in terms of damage


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