Shadowlands Best Mythic Plus TANK

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Hello everyone in this video I will share my thought on the shadowlands tank rankings for mythic + I hope you find it useful and it helps you to choose your main, ENJOY!

0:00 Intro
1:03 Brewmaster
2:37 Protection Paladin
4:07 Guardian Druid
5:23 Blood DK
6:51 Vengeance Demon Hunter
8:02 Protection Warrior
9:17 Where I talk to myself since no one wathces this part anyways.

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23 thoughts on “Shadowlands Best Mythic Plus TANK”

    On the latest update PROT PALLIES received some more nerfs;
    -Protection Paladin passive Armor bonus reduced to 10% (was 20%).
    -When casting Word of Glory on yourself reduced to 250% based on your missing health (was 300%).

    After these changes you can consider Prot paladin as A-Tier people.

    Check out all the changes from this link if you're interested aswell and have a great day.

  2. I mean, vengeance has a great synergy between their legendary Razelikh's Defilement and kyrian Elysian Decree reducing the cd from 1 minute to 20ish even more when you use Soul Cleave. If they wont touch that interaction, I am going to play Vengeance for sure, best DPS by far

  3. I am struggling between DH and DK. The only thing so far I like about DK is the self sustain. I really hate the lack of mobility or DK. You explained very well on details of both. With DH i feel like it is still kinda spiky with health just like DKs. How do you feel when it comes to spiky health changes when it comes to damage between DH and DK?

    I like the strong magical immunity and utility of DKs as well as having a ally rezz. Aside from the magic buff from DH what other utilities do they bring vs DKs? Also… great video! Definitely subbed, commented and subscribed.

  4. I'm choosing Prot Warrior myself, yes I realise it will be starting off weak but I'm looking to play the long game here and not simply picking the flavor of the month for tanking. That and Im familiar with the class, old habits die hard! Seriously though, I feel it will get better over time with updates, gear scaling and new content. Warrior 4 Life

  5. Something that should be mentioned is how strong the barkskin legendary is for the bear. When c ok combined with night fae they are the most tanky and self sustaining tanks in the game currently. Their dps is still low, but they can take ALOT of punishment


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