Shadowlands DELAYED! My thoughts and hopes

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36 thoughts on “Shadowlands DELAYED! My thoughts and hopes”

  1. About covenents , just let us use plain covenent abilitys, lets say you kyrian shaman so you use vesper totem with all soulbinds , but if you want use night fae ability you can do this but because you are kyrian soulbinds dont work for this ability so it is just plain ability , weaker then when you will be nightfae but maby still beter for some encounters. i mean you already use it in your campaign so make sense you can use it but not master it like your kyrian one.

  2. I'm a huge fan of "unlocking" additional covenants via some sort of grind, such that any unlocked covenant can be swapped to freely. Perhaps you do this by selecting your soulbind from a list of 3, 6, 9, or 12, depending on how many covenants you've unlocked, and the soulbind choice determines your covenant abilities. In other words, you could use the current soulbind interface and add tabs to choose the other covenants' soulbinds, and swapping soulbinds swaps your abilities as well.

  3. You can balance covenants – you just delete the abilities. Blizzard logic.
    Real talk tho the warlock changes were egregious bullshit. After first necro nerf they were fine; Venthyr had good AoE implications for aff(rapture), kyrian was great for destro, and necro was still viable for ST for aff and demo. Gutting Venthyr the way they did was completely unnecessary. All they had to do was buff Fae, if it was unbuffable without making it OP (say in PvP or something) then MAKE IT SOMETHING ELSE – they did it for rogue, they can do it again. They're being lazy.

  4. Remember how popular WoW was before borrowed powers? Why are we all hung up on making them as powerful as possible? I'd rather see them all balanced and "meh" so that you don't feel like you have to go and swap all the time.

  5. I apologize if this is my misunderstanding of the system but,

    It seems most players are worried about complex borrow power ruining the upcoming expansion. The way I interpret this is, "We don’t want our gameplay to be dominated by excessively complex systems – We want our baseline spec to feel good.

    Taking this as the interpretation, Soulbinds are much MUCH worst than covenant abilities.

    Harder to balance

    Much more complex

    Much less engaging.

    If a decision was made during the delay to remove a system for balance sake, wouldn’t it make more sense to get rid of soulbinds rather than covenant abilities?

    I made a forum post on SL about it called, "COVENANT ABILITIES > SOULBINDS – THE RIPCORD

  6. Imagine if they made it so the only thing convenants brought was cosmetics. Transmog and depending on the covenant you choose, your abilities will be flavoured aesthetically to go with your chosen covenant.

  7. you guys make fun of Dratnos for using MS Paint, but if he didnt use such a simple application, I would never be able to conceptually understand what he was saying

  8. What makes me mad about this is…. that we saw it comming. I belive that everyone that cares about the community and wow Said that they were not able to balance covenants. They were just to proud to accept it, and now what we have is an extra button that does nothing, and u can chose the covenant like a Theme, instead of a "Meaningful decision".
    Clap clap Blizz…. Well done…..

  9. I know a lot of people think Dratnos is sucking up on purpose by calling it “potentially the greatest expansion of all time” but that is NO joke. If blizzard listened to players on covenants, this could easily be the best xpac we’ve ever seen both from player reception, polish, and depth of content. The Achilles heel of every expansion always comes down to poor balancing, LETS GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME.

  10. Make no mistake, they wouldn't have done this no matter what condition the game was in if it wasn't for COVID-19. When you have blockbuster movies worth hundreds of millions, Sports and other live events, TV shows etc.. all being cancelled or postponed, it's easy to say oh yeah, we are also gonna push our game release date. Past three expansions are the proof of that.

  11. I really hope that they don't plan the release date around mythic progression raiders since they are a huge minority of the playerbase in this game. Most people don't even do lfr.


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