Shadowlands Story isn't Working! Here's Why!

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The World of Warcraft Shadowlands lore mostly fell flat. None of the lore hooks is really landing the way that Blizzard had hoped and if WoW Shadowlands was supposed to be a great WoW Lore expansion it certainly isn’t working.

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37 thoughts on “Shadowlands Story isn't Working! Here's Why!”

  1. Tbh I think i would of liked it more if I didn't have to wait so long for the actual story to arrive 😂 they took to long to give me the next part , so I got bored with it

  2. Shadowlands wasn't good as a whole, 9.1.5 didn't change than and 9.2 won't either.

    It's only reinforced by countless people who have moved on to other games.

    The issue is, with each xpac released their usually part way through developing the next one, so with all the issues they've faced they may have to either scrap that and start again since its going to take incredibe creativity to retain the players they have left, creative they've shown they've lacked for some time, or just carry on and hope what they release will be good enough, both options will lose them more money whichever they decide since majority of people have lost trust and confidence in them.

    (Cue trolling from "The Gaming Paladin" )

  3. Why is the jailer bad? What or who shut off the arbiter?, What is to re-write reality?, if the leader
    of the covenants were "3d printed in the new zone" why didn't they reprint new zooval to replace the evil one? Was he always supposed to be evil? So many places to go Mr Danusser!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. the storywriters know plot of how they want the sotry to be told and eventually end. in this regard they fail to deliver essential pieces of the story that we need in order to understand where the story has come from, where it is, and eventually where it will lead to.

  5. The issue is the perspective. Steve is trying to make a morally relative story work in a traditional fantasy story setting.
    So the "Good" characters don't have morals or standards e.g. Tyrande forgiving.
    And the "Bad" characters are just traumatized and misunderstood e.g. Sylvanus redemption.
    If you lack values so will your story

  6. In my opinion they seem to have been rushing the story since at least Legion. All the big baddies in Warcraft's lore seem to have to been introduced in game, during Legion. I don't know if it was because of the expansion cycle or the issue of new game developers that wanted to get away from the established lore and create their own. In order to do that they had to end the stories of the original characters, and in doing so have done a shit job at it.

  7. It doesn’t feel like plot holes, it just feels like they never finished the plot at all. Its an insult to the players and their wallets. At least BFA had some cool cinematic that explored Saurfang. Since the last patch of BFA, it just feels like so much disappointment. I hope 9.2 can explain something more but I’m not feeling like it will.

  8. Sargeras was firstly mentioned as evil spirit if i remember right in 2001 in the book the last guardian. With Medievs mother challenging him and taking in his essence which basically ended in corrupting her then unborn son.

    In TBC they started to give him background and a actual story though.

    Thing is with all the retconning and turning around Bliz has actually in my opinion lost the story themselve and have as much clue as we have.

    I think the dev from the interview stating that "as far as they know for now" was one true statement… they know only whats now and start worrying for the future in the future.

    No preplanning whatsoever.

    WC3 TFT ended with WotLK. WC3 ended with Legion.

    Now just taking a new person, handing him the big bad badge and proclaim: everything was his plan all along
    is one of the worst and laziest writings in the history of storywriting.

    Arthas was there from WC3 till WotLK (2002-2008/9). Sargy was there from 2001 till 2016/17.
    Hell even Deathwing had his thing from 2004 (books) till 2010.

    And then you come put in the new guy nobody knows and tell all players… yeah remember the "good" times… that was all his plan, so please like it cause the stuff you liked was his responsibility.

    Instead of actual building towards a new climax with him they just put him as a leech of old better stuff from better writers who actually spend their time cause they cared.

  9. Wtf are you talking about Sargeras being a footnote during the time of wc3. He was making advances during Reign of Chaos with the Legion invasion and is even in Frozen Throne exp during the Tomb of Sargeras storyline with demons shredding OG Guldan. I am immensely dissapointed in you. This is a big deal misinterpretation of lore by your side, you cant be more wrong. Big dislike!

  10. The thing is: they didnt need Shadowlands to set up some new grand story! Arthas was over since Wrath, Sargeras is only a memory to be revised in due time, Azsharah and her cosmic throne or what-ever… There was no need to re-heat old content and to re-call old heros just because your own heros are not up to snuff. Why does the Jailor need characters like Arthas, Uther, Sargeras to name but a few, to have any meaning in this cosmos? Because even Denuser knows that without these characters nobody in the community would even remotely care for his supposed villian. Not that they do regardless but it would be worse. And who can blame them? Well, us, you, everybody. The fact that they need another biiiiiiiig setup to set up another super-biiiiiiiiig setup… tells me they have no idea how to proceed: from what I see, the writers have no plan, dont know where in the story we are, dont know where we come from and have no clue where that might lead us to. Even a fantasy story needs logic and reason – and WoWs story lacks both for years.
    Its the old problems we nowadays have with polititians: if you dont vote for them, they just pet your head saying "awww we just have to explain better next time" – not realising that people are yelling at them "dont bother, your plans and ideas are crap and no matter how often you explain them, they remain crap". Denuser and his team try way to hard to sell this "grand" story of theirs – and they dont listen to players telling them their story is crap. And lets be honest here: the story is crap.

  11. Simple. They introduce the Jailer now, and have multiple raids and locations with his lackies. Then the final boss is Sylvanus and the Jailer moves on to the next expansion as the main baddie there.

    This way you have more time to set up motivation and development for everyone. I do not care if shit has been cut or removed for time. If the Jailer is the end boss now he is completely useless. And why the hell does a place that can make afterlives somehow have the power to reconstruct the universe. They will not even answer that will they.

  12. 1- the current writers inherited the world without caring about it.
    2- they are in the camp of what I call 'set piece writing.' They have these big moments in mind (WHATATWIST) but cannot actually get the characters or players to it.
    3- they are doing the 'multimedia' storytelling thing. So we do not see important things in game
    4- they are just… not good storytellers

  13. There are no emotional connections in the Shadowlands since we are TOLD and not shown everything. We were literally told what the Jailer wants to do every PR release that Blizzard gives us. If they truly cared to put substance into the plot we wouldn't have been so angry with the nonsensical plotholes they want us to buy books to understand it.

    Plotholes is an understatement, they took so much out of the game to never be brought back because they don't see a point in keeping the content. Why should I care about a fanfiction that Steve Danuser is creating for characters that he utterly ruined?

  14. What can I say, what we got it pretty much is what I personally expected. The speculations sounded way too good for what was shown already. It honestly feels like they started writing Shadowlands and gave up during eary development. I am just worried that Blizzard still haven't made changes in the writing team. They know the story is worse than an avarage B movie side story. I hope for their own good they got the balls to do something about it now, I can feel myself detach from WoW more every day as more lore arrives on the PTR.

  15. Honestly i don't think this is the "first book" just one book out of many that are considered "on going" books. What they try to sell us is that this is the end of the "shadowlands/scourge" story, while the story of the burning legion, the naga, emerald dream/nightmare etc. is still ongoing. Honestly thou i just don't even see this as a end or beginning of anything, It's just a faux way to try and make people excited.

  16. Yep , the story is bad, low level, its like they are fast forwording the expantion, to finish it fast. Oh and more microtransaction , great 🙁 . Its bad that the tier set from the shop is cooler then the ones droped by the game ( in this expansion ). $$$ eyes , what do players want and seems fun? Meh f.that.

  17. Yep. both Shadowlands and Bfa lore wise are dogshit. Compared to them, Wod is a masterpiece. The thing is that as soon as you say anything negative about the game in general, the shills on copium will attack you and call you all kinds of things.

  18. Can we stop calling this "the first book". It's a bunch of books that are all written by different authors, where most of them just spill ink on the pages and let the next guy clean it up.

  19. The problem is summarized in one word: "chapter"

    The story of Azeroth and its civilizations is supposed to be an evergreen story, it constantly evolves and shifts and the ruins and bones of what happened in the past get used to propel the future. But the insult in Steve and Ion's actions is they want these nice crisp beginnings and endings. Further problemed is that the story of WC3 is the same as the Forsaken, forcefully resurrected to serve as fodder to the master. Blizzard brought back all the beloved characters of WC3 and butchered them by pretending that NOW is when that story is properly being finished.

  20. Wowee, if Shadowlands is the end of a "book" for WoW I don't know what to say.

    FFXIV's end of a book expansion was executed so much better from the very conception back in ARR. Makes me depressed to think I've wasted my time on Azeroth for THIS to be the "end" of a book.


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