Stop the Inquisition–Venthyr Campaign–WoW Shadowlands

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I am playing WoW Shadowlands on Stormrage EU. I have 15 characters on level 50.
My main character is Unholy Death Knight since WotLK. My goal is to get ahead of the curve achiev and I am in guild called Cursed Crusade.
My first alt is Orc Destro Warlock and I will be leveling more alts in the future.
I am playing WoW Classic on Mirage Raceway EU PvE.
My characters so far: Orc Warlock 60. Orc Warrior 60. Tauren Druid 60.Forsaken Mage 60. Orc Hunter.
Still leveling my Tauren Shaman and Orc Rogue.
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My PC configuration:
Mother board:MSI H110M PRO-D
Graphic card:XFX Radeon 590 8GB
Ram memory:Kingston Fury 12GB.2133mhz
Main monitor: Asus VG248QZ 24..
THIS CHANNEL IS NOT FOR KIDS! All content is for 13+
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