WHAT IF! The Dragon Flights NEVER Existed?

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Dragons were one of the earliest beings in the World of Warcraft Universe. In WoW Shadowlands we are now getting massive LEAKS suggesting the Dragon Flights may be next on the WoW expansion list but what if they never existed in the first place?

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13 thoughts on “WHAT IF! The Dragon Flights NEVER Existed?”

  1. My thoughts is if everything went the same but just no protodrakes evolving from Elementals then the well of eternity would have never been destroyed? High Elves would rule the world as it’s dominant force and Kalimdor would have never been Sundered. Humans would never learn magic from the Sin’dorei because they would have no need to share this knowledge and the Sin’dorei wouldnt have formed anyway?

    This is just what I thought

  2. They were also created to kind of wrangle the forces of the elemental plain. So, on top of the titan keeper/old god stuff you mentioned we would probably be at war with the elemental lords as well.

  3. Here's a slightly similar what if. What if Neltharion didn't get corrupted by the old gods? In other words what if the titan keepers didn't down play his powers and actually warned them about the old gods?

  4. If you're taking suggestions for more what ifs, how about:
    What if Bronzebeard took Frostmourne and fell to it's corruption instead of Arthas? Maybe he grabs the blade as either a sacrifice to stop Arthas or on accident while struggling to keep him away from it.
    Would Ironforge turn into a Scourge Stronghold upon the dwarf's return? Or would Lordareron still be destroyed with an amnesia rattled Arthas somewheres in Northeron, believed to be dead for all these years before WotLK?


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