Accolonn Reacting to Anduin Freeing Arthas – I am CONFUSED!

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To say that this cinematic left me with questions will be an understatement. Eternity’s End Anduin Finale Shadowlands 9.2
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44 thoughts on “Accolonn Reacting to Anduin Freeing Arthas – I am CONFUSED!”

  1. I'm just stunned………but if Blizzard it's really been able to commit such a blasphemy,and if there's really anybody Who appreciate It,please,please God,bring soon Armageddon on all this,because It means there's not anymore place for anything good and beautiful,and we deserve just extinction…..

  2. A real story:

    As the tides of battle turned in the favor of Azeroth's heroes, the Jailer's grasp upon the King of Stormwind loosened ever so slightly. Flickers of light began to emit from the mourneblade, revealing weakness – a breach.

    The heroes pressed their advantage with Jaina Proudmoore and Uther the Lightbringer. Barrages of Frost and Holy Fire sang through the air. The King of Shadow returned their song with shadow and chain, interrupting the powerful mages spell and breaking her barrier, launching her across the room. Uther watched in shock as the Domination magic mutilated her body. Proudmoore lay shattered. The Dark King approaching.

    Uther touched the scar on his chest. "Ascension shall never be mine." he lamented. "Light! Hear my prayer!" A sudden pillar of light enveloped Uther. His wings turned to pure golden light, his hammer glistened as diamond, and a crown of holy fire adorned his head.

    Anduin turned his dominated gaze toward The Lightbringer. They met at the center of the great arena.

    Anduin plunged his blade into Uther, the Holy Fire evaporating into nothingness.

    The floor fell into darkness as Uther's soul entered the defiled blade. Alas, Uther was met by a strange but familiar spirit.

    "Arthas…" Uther whispered in bewilderment.

    The figure hardly stood – a statue of bone. The ghost was draped in tattered cloth and nothing more. His teeth protruded like yellow and black daggers, and his eyes were black as the abyss.

    "Arthas…is that you?? What has become of you? I…I did this to you" Uther wept.

    The figure stood silent as if it had stood in this darkness for millennia.

    The only warmth Uther felt in this dark place was hidden yet in his palm. A small glimmer of light lay nestled in his hand.

    "You were my student…" Uther sobbed, placing the light into the hole where Arthas' heart once beat.

    A single tear from what was left of the Fallen Prince ran down his ghostly cheek.


    Jaina awakened, a lifeless Uther sprawled across the floor and Anduin upon his knees. The shadow faded; Domination diminished. The battle finished. Life entered the eyes of Anduin and soon thereafter great sorrow entered her heart.

    "What have I done? Truly, Uther you are the Bringer of Light. His sacrifice shall never be forgotten. Neither living or the dead will forget the name: Uther." With this the body of Uther faded as the setting sun.

    Anduin retrieved Shalamayne, but he caught a glimpse of something unexpected. A glimmer of light. Handling the sword, Anduin felt a new resolve. He stood now a mighty king, his armor glistened, and his resolve unrelenting.

    He raised Shalamayne and a great light fell upon the company, healing wounds, replenishing resolve, and blessing them with might.

    "We have business with the Jailer!" he said with shattering conviction.

  3. The anger about this cracks me up. It's a video game. Arthus should be done. It's time to move on. If Arthus did come back people would find a reason to complain about it. Blizzard could make 10.0 the perfect expansion with no flaws and people would complain about it.

  4. They last jedied Arthas big time. they even had him fucking "fade away" like Luke. "kill the past" is the entitled death keel of a franchine that's staffed with people who think they know better then those that came before them.

  5. The last sentence Sylvanas said was too much. Just removing that would improve it a lot.

    edit: I just realised. They are telling us to forget everything not written down by the divine pen of Danuser. Hallowed be His name. Danamen.

  6. I mean when haurchefant and icehearth appear out of nowhere in dragonsong war no one bats an eye but here everyone lose their mind. also: "arthas in cutscene is like your brother and wife attending your funeral but the only one who gives a speech is your accountant"

  7. I wonder if they are going with a new angle for Shalamane – what I mean is: could the magic in it (not referring to jailer possession magic, but its original form) have some kind of imprint of those who wielded it previously? And it is trying to help Anduin break free, so it can break free as well, by showing him an imprint of his father and Saufang? 🧐🤔

  8. Your reaction disappoints me. You always saw so much more then me in the shadowlands story that I followed it, loved it. Now…. I can' understand that you don' see that this cinematic isn't about Arthas at all. We already had a complete ending story about arthas in wotlk. Why does so many like you want yet again a new ending about him. His story was already done. The story here is about the character now and how they can live further there lives with the wounds that were done by arthas. How they finally can forgive him because arthas was like anduin controlled by a other.
    3 off the four charthers here we already did here there respons, there reelections in the story, only sylvanas did not (yet) and so I find it perfect that see speaks here as the last one to finish the story.

  9. It would've made more sense if Arthas performed soul suicide to destroy shalamorne and release his fellow paladin, human, as an act of redemption / self sacrifice, as a final fuck you to the jailer, like shalamane would break and you'd have arthas appearing from the blade, like king terenas, and all characters involved got to have a few final moments with arthas before he finally fades away, they could all get closure and maybe some kind of relief (for uther and jaina) in the knowledge that the real arthas has always been a hero and for sylvanas to understand that her anger at arthas is misplaced and she should focus on the jailer instead, since he was controlling arthas all along, just like he was controlling anduin and tried to control bolvar (which didnt work cuz no morneblade) and that would actually make sense because arthas' soul actually was present in the blade and maybe breaking free from the jailer's grasp would take all of his soul's remaining strength, unlike fricking saurfang and varian showing up outa nowhere, this cinematic is just so disgustingly bad; if you'd want arthas fading away to be slightly less sad you could even have it be something like his soul fading but being absorbed by the Light, where arthas ceases to exist but his energy lives on in the Light or some shit

  10. That cinematic wouldn't have been unforgivable shit if Jaina or Uther or even Anduin had that last word, not fucking Sylvanas again, all over place, always as a trophy of Steve Danuser who is going to fade away in shame worse than poor Arthas. There is a reason if people are still leaving World Of Warcraft and part of it is because of the lack of respect for Warcraft's story, but no matter how much those current writing idiots will try, they are not better than previous colleagues and all they know is Hatred. Why? Ask The Gods.

  11. I am almost equally buttmad that Anduin broke free with just moral support and some good old willpower.
    Everyone else looking like a bitch when he basically broke free by himself from the unbreakable domination.
    Especially Arthas.

  12. İf I have to be honest I wanted to Arthas to be resurrected and have his while soul back trying to redeem himself. I mean Illiadan Got his expension and redemption why can't Arthas, who was a prisoner the second he laid hands on rune blade , get his redemption? I mean who has better knowledge then hım?

  13. With saurfang it gets abit too fan servicey, but for varien I can get behind it. To me it reads as the jailer is making him commit his soul to the blade to either deny them knowledge or one big hit, and while that happens and anduin’s soul is drained he gives it his all to resist while the connection is weakening. In that moment the image of what he views as true strength, his father varien (and saurfangxD) appear as pillars of strength. Alongside the parallels with arthas and his father appearing when he was at his weakest, I liked how that played out assuming it wasn’t really his spirit but what anduin envisions him as representing. Saurfang I guess kinda fits along the same lines with bfa if you really want to stretch him wide open and force it but shouldn’t have been there.

  14. This cinematic was a really good one. Not sure why Accolonn hates everything wow releases these days. Maybe its time for Accolonn to move away from wow? This cinematic tells so many stories. It also have a few conclusion. Jaina was more interested in Anduin then Arthas. This video also again shows that there will be no redemption story for Sylvannas. Also this is all Uther fault in the first place dropping Arthas into the maw for the Jailer to use. Anyway I do see allot of people agreeing with you, most of them just want to hate on WOW anyway. The new stuff is actually good. I have played it and I enjoy it. Go and play Final fantasy who has house cats giving you quests…..

  15. I agree I watched this for the first time and couldn't agree more Sourfang and Varien did not belong in there … and agree that Jana should have been the main focus at the end with her history and backstory with Arthas. I have stopped playing for over 5 months now and cinematic-like this concrete my decision. Hell, you could have had Arthas seeing his soul was in the blade appear give a heartwarming speech and convince Auduin to break the sword and release him from the blade. Then have him appear spectral form once freed and have the Sylvanas speech and then do a monologue with Jana saying her goodbye, and love for him still as closure and end it with Arthas re-uniting with his father and disappear into the abyss now his soul is at ease ….or something relevant and fitting for the Main Character in the Lore of Warcraft not treats him like an unwanted fart lingering away forever … Thoughts???

  16. Such end for a legendary character we loved ends like this is so awful, I am genuine upset wat the authors have done to him.
    This is does not do justice to Arthas at all.

    The only part i liked of the cinematic was Varian and Saurfang, but thats it.

  17. Spitballing Anduin's surprise visitors.
    The Light. It gave Anduin what he needed to break free at the best moment.
    At the beginning of the expansion, if we can all remembering from that long ago. "The Light is still with me" Anduin before being captured in the Maw.

  18. I had patience with the Sylvanas arc. But I’m actually starting to feel like it’s outright silly after this. If they had managed to explain why Varian and Saurfang were there (maybe with cut content) it would have been decent (to me) until the point where Sylvanas just wouldn’t stop talking. The focus should have been on Jaina, yes.

  19. What hits me heavily is Uther's reaction in the end. There is no comming back, denied a chance to ever fix a his mistake.
    Despite everything what happened in life. He saw on Anduin's example that when people offer compassion.
    A victim can acumulate enough strenght to fight back. Who knows wha would happen if Uther tried to save Arthas.
    If Jaina never turned back and gone. Maybe young prince would be a new becon of light.

    So we live with choices we make. Uther's hand wrote Arthas destiny.
    That's why his reaction hited me hard. He have eons to ponder and live with that.
    But sincerly I hope this game will give Uther a true chance for redempion.
    A chance to be pure Uther the Lightbringer.
    A Paragon of virtue and light.

    As for Anduin he will have to live with with his scars.
    But scars on body heal faster than those on soul.
    Only one who had apsolution in the end was Sylvanis Windrunner.

  20. Arthas picked up the blade to save his people… that put him on his way. But Arthas was NOT the ”dark spirit” like Uther said. He was once a very good person. Now Sylvanas of all thinks has the right to kind of judge him? But in a way im not surpriced, the last expansions/patches they might as well named world of Sylvanas, because it all has been about her. They just punked one of the most iconic chatacter ever made in a fantasy world. My subscription ended two days after this release. Thank you blizzard for giving me the final reason never to return to this game again. Did not like the way it goes any ways. Now we are in the desert fighting some ’robot-like’ cretures. Far far away from our homes in Azeroth. Was hoping to atleast see my favorit villan again, but now he is gone for good. Way to go blizzard

  21. It's almost as if the primary characters were the characters they created when they made their own in house DND story. Arthas being one of the people who left the company, and perhaps Steve D absolutely hated that person. And the story itself was sacrificed for a "fuck off" moment.


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