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AAAAAA it’s here. That was not an easy thing to fit into one video when you have a chronic inability to stop talking like I do. But here, without any more delay, is the comps tier list for Shadowlands. There are timestamps below!

This will give you information on EVERY class/spec for Shadowlands Season 1 and how they work with both Frost & Unholy in 3v3 arena. You will also get information on every healer and how they mesh with those comps, as well as how they perform in a 2v2 arena setting with DK.

As we go through each comp I talk about synergies they have to make the comp good, or problems they have that make the comp bad. I talk about various setups or strengths so if you see a comp in a high tier that you might want to play, you should have some advice to get started with it. Even with all this talking, it’s very hard to describe everythi about each comp and all the situational decisions, matchups, playstyle changes that occur during every game. I may make future videos talking about just the S tier comps and how to play them!

There, once again, is a MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE for my Unholy brethren near the end of the video (timestamp provided). This is not just fluff, it is VERY LIKELY, so check it out if you need your spirits uplifted. Thank me in a couple months, I promise.

Remember to check out my spec guides if you need help with talents, itemizations, or any other descriptions of the setups I talk about in this video. And of course, I always answer ALL questions on stream, and I can go in-depth on more specific questions. Link below!

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0:00 – Introduction
3:16 – Frost DK 3v3 Comps
45:32 – Frost DK Final Look
47:03 – Unholy DK 3v3 Comps
1:15:27 – 2s Healer Recap

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  1. Could You please recommend some basic Frost spell guide (when use what, in which order etc), as a Unholy no problems, i know every spell, when to use, how does it works exactly but on Frost i feel like im just clicking every buff, Winter etc and then spam obliterate

  2. Thank u for the vid!

    Would u say for now this season frost would be better with spriest with the meta rn or is the unholy/sp synergy just better and thus making a better comp atm and what healer would u recommend?

  3. Got 2450 in few days with boommie and protpal as unholy with Coil leg (im pve player, and kinda newbee in pvp arena). This is actually good, that u can still get ur glad mount as non professional pvp-guy with low tier spec (compare to others ofc). Thanks for videos, helped a lot.

  4. if you would try Shadowcleave with affli, would you go for rot (Superstrain Legy) or smth else ? i realy want to try Shadowcleave, iam tired of being forced to FDk and playing that Dumb FS>Obli every min..


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